Monday, 28 December 2009

Black & Blue.

...Mike Snow. (Cus it's been snowy?)

Hohoho. Christmas is over and the snow's melted. How very depressing. But no fear, new year is just around the corner, and for now it seems there are plans. Not mind blowing plans, but plans none the less which is more than I can say for the usual.
Will be taking great care to drink sensibly, unlike the 'quiet one' for Christmas eve. So much for the a few drinks and tucked up in bed before the Tache closed ready for Santa. Instead I managed to get home by gone half 4 (well well over an hour since leaving), after failing to enjoy my Popeyes pizza, at which point Santa himself was probably tucked up in bed. Needless to say Christmas morning was definitely not enjoyed as it was as a child. Oh to be a grown up. It sucks.
My sister and I opted for a much smaller quieter Christmas this year, spending it round at my Nanas, where we had an afternoon of Cluedo and my annual dose of festive joy provided by Corrie & Eastenders. 1 murder, 1 affair, 1 cancer revelation, 1 rape revelation and lots of weepies. Lovely.

-Note. My mum just walked in. "Is this Vic Reeves?" "No." "Who is it?" "Editors" "...Vic Reeves?" "No. Editors" "...and Vic Reeves?" Weird. -

It's now clear I will definitely be coaching back to B'ham in the new year, together with an additional rucksack at the least to fit in all my new pressies. Highlights being my black lace up booties from Topshop, D&G the One, plenty of nail accessories, tights, make up, and my lovely cosy new hoodie. And yeah, yeah I did get it, regardless and regretless.
My cutey little friend Diana Mini is also here! Loaded and waiting to get out. Have a feeling it may take a few films for me to get going, but I cannot wait.

And as if this isn't enough, I went sale shopping yesterday... via Steals. This is after my "I really don't need anymore bits of clothes. I don't have enough time to wear what I have, and they really have no impact on my quality of life. No more"
And then there was this.

+ Spangly black & gold dress. + Summer dresses (can't have enough summer dresses). + Silver playsuit (don't have any playsuits, so really it's an all new addition). + Bargain of a skirt. I love skirts, and I love broken zips. So cheap because they think no one can be bothered to mend them. Hah suckers.
(I can't find pictures of any of these. Soz. Know y'al dying to see)
Probs won't go again for quite a while, so it's fine. fine fine fine.
Tomorrow is bead shopping day. Considering Poulton is such a cute little town, there is a considerable lack of haberdashery shops.

Also. I made these chocolate truffles the other day. Dark chocolate & orange & I added Baileys instead of Brandy. They were REAL good. Thanx Jamie.
Jamie Oliver's Chocolate Truffles.

Today was another lunch spent in the Cube with Hannah, Linzi & Kerry for our secret santa swapping, however since it was more a highly calculated santa, and my giver was absent, I must wait another day for my gift, meaning Christmas is not actually over! phew.
We then went back to Hannah's for some bowling, cycling, water skiing, canoeing and fencing. My first EVER Wii experience. Shocking I've managed to stay away for so long. I thought I'd hate it, all that moving around, but actually it was quite fun.

Anyway. I think that's quite enough of my dull life. Plus I just noticed the time and the past 2 hours have flown by. Eek.

P.s. Why do my neighbors talk SO loud. I swear they never talk this loudly. Sounds like he's pressed up against my wall while having his conversation.

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

I don't know why I love this, but I really do.

Wait for it to kick in.
So cute.

'Blood' The Middle East

the middle east |

Monday, 21 December 2009

What ever happened

...The Strokes.

Take me to a ball so I can wear this dress.

Fallen snow

...Au Revoir Simone.

Oops yes I failed to add another edit on the last post.
It would have gone something along the lines of...

Socially awkward males traveling alone, when spotting one other passenger on the carriage; you don't need to go and talk to them. A polite hello, ok. A passing comment or joke, acceptable. Taking a seat next to that one other person and striking up conversation at which the other person does not appear to want to engage in... no. Socially awkward to say the least.

But now I am home. There's a christmas tree, a fire, glass of Baileys... and SNOW. Actual snow in Blackpool, marvelous!

Cocktails for half price in Cube last night were also a great treat :)

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Driving Home for Christmas

...Chris Rea.

One of my favourite Christmas songs, it's always a sign that Christmas is officially here.

And here I am, on the 19:20 train to Preston, on my way home for Christmas. Since I've done nothing but pack all day, I'm pretty pleased that I got here way ahead of time, and managed to get all my stuff into my one suitcase (other than my camera bag, laptop and tripod, shh). Which is fine now since the train is dead, but on the way back I can see I'm going to struggle.

(ooooh we're setting off. good thing I've just had a travel sick pill as I'm going backwards. eek)

Thanks to the great National Express (coaches) not taking my card online, I decided to take a chance on the trains. And what a great call. So quiet, so fast, so spacious. Not to mention the FREE WI-FI in First Class. Oh Virgin trains, how fabulous you are. I'm hoping someone will be round to offer me a complimentary cup of tea as well soon.

So what have I been doing with my week off?
Well. Tuesday we had a Christmas meal at Weatherspoons, by christmas I mean most of us went for the steak special. Sherree and I then popped to the German Market for a ride on the carousel. For two twenty year olds, I'm not ashamed to say we had a ridiculous amount of fun, 'this is the only time it's acceptable to straddle a pole and get a way with it!!' oh sherree. Then we went home to polish off last years mulled with a splash of hot apple juice, and made jam tarts. Which we managed despite having no rolling pin OR cake baking tray. Yes yes, genius.
On Wednesday I went over to Alex, Jaime, Shiv and Ellie's for a little Christmas day, complete with crackers, yorkshire puddings and gravy. Ideas of chrismassy games quickly turned into watching home alone under the duvet, what a lovely lazy christmassy day :)
Thursday was christmas shopping day, Beckie and I managed to spend 6hours trailing round the city center, battling through the short but sweet blizzard to get our presents. While everywhere else in England is complaining about too much snow (England, despite having a slight bit of snow each year, is still surprised every time and the news reporters go skitz warning no one to travel), Birmingham remains snowless and living by the sea we rarely get any. This makes me not so excited for home.
And yesterday after watching everyone else leave, I spent the afternoon in the library. So quiet and depressing. I also made a start on making my Christmas cards, meaning I now have super glue still stuck to my nails.

Which brings me to now. The ticket man has informed me that there is no seat service today so I'll have to pop to the shop for my complimentary tea and biscuits. Oh I might just do that kind sir, I might just. I believe the next stop is Crewe.
I had a great idea that I might take a few snaps of my journey... I now realise it's pitch black outside, so that might be a bit boring.

I had a bit of a doodling & scanning sesh too.

Right, now that I've jazzed up what would have been a boring wordy post with some visual aids, I'm gunna see if virgin are so kind as so make spotify work too. oh wouldn't that be GREAT.
Can't wait to get home and see the christmas treee! :)

EDIT: Spotify does work. Delightful!!
I'm going to add another edit later...

Monday, 14 December 2009

No time to sleep...

...Tina Dico.

I have just about finished my TV essay on how Scrubs plays with the conventions of the medical drama.
Feels like I've been hacking away at it forever. 3500 words is never enough, I haven't even started! And so it is free from deep and interesting arguments because there's just never enough room. But it is done, and whats done is done.
3pm tomorrow will be the last hand-in of full written pieces now until the dissertation. The only education left is the odd lecture and tutorials. It hasn't even dawned on me that I won't ever be in another class. 16 years of being in education and going to lessons... and I have sat my last.
I can't quite imagine how I'm going to structure my days for the next 6 months, but I do know this. There will be more photos and there WILL be more art. Starting tomorrow. I can't wait.

And for now I'm going to sleep. Or attempt to. I'm hoping that with the amount of drugs I've taken today I'll pass out as my head hits the pillow, and not be kept awake all night again feeling all sniffly and ill.
And maybe I'll dream another weird dream. Maybe I'll stay in bed for hours in the morning because I'm dreaming that I've actually already got up. And then maybe I'll be late.
Maybe there's something not right.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Walking on a dream.

...Empire of The Sun


...Joshua Radin.

Winter Pimms & hot apple juice on the German market = Soooo good!

It is now officially the run up to Christmas, getting frosty in the mornings, I've started Christmas shopping, and I've finally got an advent calender. Say hello santa with your beard full of treats :)

And now I shall resume my 'researching the medical drama and genre'... while actually getting distracted by the storylines and not wanting to re-watch old episodes. Oooh.

Monday, 30 November 2009


Wish I had an endless array of sparkly costumes in my wardrobe and was a popstar so I could be in fancy glossy music videos. Or that I was an American cheerleader.
Gimme an M-A-R-I-N-A! MARINAAAA!

Friday, 27 November 2009

I Can Talk.

...Two Door Cinema Club.
I loves it. Bloc-party-ish dingalingaling goin on.

Just tidied my room. Great.
Was going to paint the bathroom...but i can't find the white paint.
My dads coming this weekend to go Christmas shopping :)

Yo pops if yo still read.

Wishlish so far (as in my general wishlish for the all material things in life)...
Boots. (in such a puzzle of which ones to get)
Diana Mini. The little cutey.
J.Lo Still. Yeah its old. Yeah pretty much nowhere even sells it. But it smells so niiice.
Headphones. Wires are poking out, best replace before its too late!
Jack Wills fleecy woolly hoodie. Yeah...I know. But it just looks SOOO comfy. I keep checking eBay...but no. I have needed it in my life ever since the catalogue got acidently delivered to our house.

Really need to start my Xmas shopping soon. Have so many big ideas for my secret Santa present, but I just need more time! 4 weeks. EEK. 2 weeks to do 2 currently barely started assignments.

...K. I'm gunna start them now.

That is all.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Little Pieces


I like to dance around my room to this, like what they do on Grey's :)

SO. Today me and Alex had a jolly great day out in B'ham. We started off with the 'Seen' exhibition currently showing at the Gas Hall. Photographs and paintings of Birmingham over the past couple of centuries. Having never taken an interest in Birmingham's history before, it was rather interesting seeing some of the plans they had in the 40's, and then seeing what they actually did.

Now Birmingham does have a few nice old buildings, and then there are a few nice modern buildings...but there's a lot of what I consider 'lazy' buildings. Concrete blocks. Just lazy design compared to the beautiful buildings.
It was the 60's. And the 80's. The lazies. The we're-too-busy-having-a-funky-time-ies.

This is one of the videos that's showing atm in the 'Seen' exhibition. For anyone who lives in B'ham, it's the hideous library by the Paradise Forum.

Birmingham timelapse from 7inch cinema on Vimeo.
I just cannot beliiiieve they demolished those lovely buildings in favor of THAT. eugh.

On a lighter note, we also went to the vintage fare which was visiting for today only at the Custard Factory. Picked up a lovely tan leather bag, and then went over to the Flea market where I got a knitted cardi - so warm - and a knitted headband thing. And thenn we also went to the creative workshop for a nosey to get ideas for things we'll probably never make, and had a slice of cake which was YUMMEE.
And then we went home. Today's weather = wet and gloomy.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Don't forget me.

...Way Out West.

Oh I am love loving my new playlist. Spotify+Greys=Amen.

Jaime linked me to a Tumblr blog the other day. Since joining I'd pretty much been steering clear of it, only going on to post on the Web & New Media blog. But now I've came across so many BEAUTIFUL photo postings.
And so my page is no longer a vast blank space. I've started some reblogging.

Means I can also get a head start on my Lookbook ethnography and start 'hyping' a bit. EEK.

Also. I've stretched. Was tired off having teeny tiny pictures and videos. Will need to be sorting out my lost looking title picture too. Hmmmmmm.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Life is short

...Butterfly Boucher

Oh Butlins. From the family album.

I'm out of my pop phase (for now).

Monday, 16 November 2009


...Girls Aloud.

What else...?

So last week I got a bit lost. Like when you have so much food but forget what meals you like to eat. And when I wake up in the morning and have my whole wardrobe to pick a good outfit, but forget what looks good together.
Well when you have the endless amount of music on spotify, I have pretty much forgotten when I like to listen to. So I made a shit hot playlist of Britney and Girls Aloud, J.Lo, Enrique... and general pop. Anyone browsing my since last week would be pretty disgusted. But I just can't stop bopping about on my chair knowing ALL the words. :)

I took a lot of really bad pictures last week trying to do my 'concept' assignment. Mostly of ducks. My trip to the park for inspiration feel flat on its face, and I got chased off by a flock of ducks and a scarily tame squirrel (it was literally chasing me round the park. I was on my own...was a bit scary).

We have a new blog, as part of our production project;

Fishing for a dream...

...Turin Brakes.

Self Portrait.

...the cast offs. Plus Miss Carruthers helping test the lighting with her craazy arms.

The King and all of his Men

...Wolf Gang. Cutesy of Neon Gold.

Long time no blog. Sorry James Singer, reading from your Blackberry.

Last couple of weeks have been BUSSSY. Photography assignment was a major stress, but literally just got it in on Friday. Self portraits... I cannot do. Took 2 days to try and shoot what I wanted, resulting in Jaime, Alex and I trying to construct a dream-esk set in their garage. Result= A stressy Alex, full of regret for agreeing to assist. Ain't she cute!

So yet again I found myself running from a taxi far too near to a deadline - not to self: THIS CANNOT CONTINUE. Never again.

This weekend has been a massive chill out. Not a sniff of work or anything productive has been done. We had Tom and Jack down for a visit, so Friday we went to Gatecrasher for the first time this year. Ah how I missed it. DJ sets were from Late of the Pier and Russel Lissack (Bloc Party), along with pre-ring of fire drinking equaled to a pretty god night. Saturday we ventured to town for the German market - baddd move! Was ridiculously busy due to the council and BRMB's tragic failure to deliver that spectacular light switch on (see the news, it's been on every TV bulletin). So we returned to the warmth of our living room, where we spent the rest of the weekend, filled with Snatch, Forrest Gump, Four Brothers, Spiderman, Dr. Who, shit TV, hot chocolate, pizza hut, cookie dough, popcorn, marshmellows, cable sweets, chippie chips and blankets. Now time for the mammoth clean up and getting on with some work. GREAT.

Thursday, 5 November 2009


I'm not usually big on nail art but WAH-ooow.

Might have to drop by Selfridges before Nov 11th.

Bonfire night, I'm off to the fireworks. In the rain. YAY.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Past in Present


While I was home last weekend I raided the baskets of photos in my mum's wardrobe. I will post my favs now and agian.

That's my Nana and Grandad (Spencer) as far as I know. Oh how lovely it must have been to live in Blackpool back then.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Perhaps vampires is a bit strong but...

HALLOWEEN. loves it. I'm beginning to realise what a good holiday it really is. Just creeps up (no pun intended), with not so much pressure as Christmas, and unlike the usual fancy dress themed nights, every seems to make the effort.
And so this year was another treat. All done up in our heavy black make-up, hairspray, wings, wigs and vodka we jumped (or scuttled in the wet windy weather) between Sarah's amazingly decorated house and the Union's Friday night regular - Bonkers. Managing to spend a grand total of £4.55 all night, I think this classes as a massive result.
It's official. Halloween is great.

Monday, 26 October 2009


...Tegan & Sara

Yeah. ANOTHER new video.

I need a new soundtrack to my shit life. this can be the start.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Under the sheets

By FAR my favourite of the new videos out recently.
I've had this song on repeat for the past week or so, and still not tired. I LOVES it. Can't believe it's her first video. And hoooow much would I love to live in that setting? Lots.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

New viddds.

New 'Marina & The Diamonds: Mowgli's Road' video.

As we know, I'm a bit of a fan.


New 'Little Boots: Earthquake' video.

The kinda pretty spacey video I've been waiting for.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Empire State of Mind

...Jay-Z feat. Alica Keys

FINALLY got my disposable developed.


Friday, 16 October 2009

This Modern Love.

...which I have for Bloc Party

Bloc Party mark IV, at the O2 Academy last night in B'ham were AMAZING. As usual. For once I didn't leave with a shoe print across my face which is always a bonus. Picture courtesy of my phone, it doesn't have a flash. Booo.

Currently sat in bed with big rollers in my hair about to start another reading. Oh YAYS.
This past week have also acquired a lot of freebies thanks to discount nights at Urban Outfitters, Topshop & Cow. I'm all set for novelty ear indicators, foreign insult books, cool coasters, pink lycra leggings and mini toiletries.

Monday, 12 October 2009


...Donora. From that Postsecret video which is awesome.

So. What's new?
1. Today Tanya and I went over this weeks photog ds, choosing our favourite of each others piccypictures. Those were mine. My bathroom & garden.

2. I'd been contemplating taking a pair of scissors to my wrists for a while now. And so the other day I let go of a few things which have been slightly weighing me down. Particularly the left side of me.

3. Friday was Alex & Adams birthday house partay. I made butterfly shaped cakes. They didn't quite look as beautiful as I'd imagined and the pipe bag burst - yet another example that no pipe bag is strong enough to do it's job.

4. I also had friends to stay this weekend, we Snobsed it Saturday night. Was much fun.
Okay. Enough blogging, must get back to work slash watch Being Erica whilst doing work.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

There's no secrets this year

...Silversun Pickups.

I have just discovered PostSecret after reading an interview with creator Frank Warren. I think I had probably already heard of it, but never really took the time to properly look. What a simple/ thought provoking/ heart warming&breaking/ genius idea.

Friday, 2 October 2009


...Passion Pit.

So here I am, Friday night with my hot chocolate waiting for another episode of Greys to load. So cool. So saving money. So resting in preparation for ridiculously big night in Digbeth tomorrow, Block Party. 15 areas and a hella lot of people. Better be good.

So today I finally purchased a sequined blazer, have wanted one ever since seeing Rachel Bilson in that beautiful navy D&G one. Of course they are now everywhere, butt the plus is that I can afford a much much cheaper one :) It's silver. I like. Also have some new shoes, black suedey and will most certainly kill my feet tomorrow night.

Feel I should post something more substantial than this? Buttt I'm boring so don't have much else to say.
Oh. I had my favorite of my homemade inventions for dinner. It goes in layers of the veg I have lying about. 1.sliced potatoes 2.tomatoes 3.chicken 4.aubergine 5.more chicken if there is more 6.fine green beans 7.leeks (then drizzle cream so it goes all the way through) 8.breadcrumbs and parmesan. Deeeelish, I could easily have eaten twice as much.

A p.s. on the last post though, the whole of that Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson album is lovely. Break Up.

Thursday, 1 October 2009


...Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson

Yesterday I finally bought a new phone - goodbye flippyflippy cat ringtone (which btw i LOVED), hello touchytouchy fancy keypad-with-decent-internet-so-i-can-go-on-youtube-all-the-time beauty.
This is a big step up for me in the phone ranks. V.exciting purchase. Tomorrow I finnnnally get a haircut (eek actually quite scared, have no idea what I want and I hate hairdressers, will probably want to cry all the way home. they better lay off the straighteners) and am treating myself to some new highhigh heals. (Don't worry have made sure to pay bills & rent before rinsing my loan on treats).

Plenty of people don't like her, but I have a weird liking. Would love her hair.

That is all. Kthx.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Dust on the ground

...Bombay Bicycle Club

Playing in Birmingham tonight, however due to still no loan and no wages I am not there. Boo.

So freshers is over and classes have officially restarted. Timetable is now sorted which is good, meaning I'm still taking photography and web & new media. Looks like there's going to be ALOT of work which may take some getting used to. It hasn't yet set in that I will actually have to start the tasks we've been set, first up are the readings from monday which I'll be making a start on before I settle back to my usual spot in front of the TV.

Both practical classes are also having us start blogs, so here we go (have yet to do much with either).
1. Collabarative web & new media blog
2. Photoblog.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Here we go agian...

...Pixie Lott.
The kinda thing I really shouldn't like...but kinda do when I'm dancing about my room.

That is, the small floor space which I'm slowly managing to clear as I find homes in my room for all of my useless stuff. Just 'stuff'. So far I'm doing better than I thought so snaps for me.
Being fully moved back into my B'ham house I'm keeping busy getting all the little things ticked off my to do list.
We now have a home phone - tick
Virgin have taken back the free channels, no more the Hills - BOO.
CV's handed out, first interview tomorrow - double tick
Negotiated paying bills, no need to worry about debt collectors - tick
Tickets for tonights Hawaiian night purchased - tick, can't wait!
Fixed zips on latest steals purchases - tickk
Great buy for next spring, cream linen playsuit, miss selfridge (top half not a million miles from that Charlotte Ronson one piece in my last post) - ticck
New issue of Lula - tickkkk. (A sign to sway me in the direction of what I've been pondering in terms of a drastic change in appearance?)

I still seem to be putting off the task of sorting out my options for this term. Mainly due to the fact that I know what the result will be, I don't want to ruin my averagely good mood.

Good news is also that my Nana's old camera has still got it, despite the broken light meter.
Lulworth & Camp Bestival (which I still have not been paid for.)

Note. why oh why am I looking so awful and listening to such shit. NOT a good time for people to come a knocking.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Skeleton Boy

...Friendly Fires.

Skeleton boys and girls - it's New York Fashion Week! Browsing through a few of the shows so far and feeling like I should definitely resist the apple pie and put down the Dairy Milk... man I wish I was there.

Just some of my favorites:

Costello Tagliapietra

Whitney Eve
(as in The Hills & The City...quite impressive. She was always my fave.)

Cynthia Steffe


Cynthia Rowley

Rage & Bone

Charlotte Ronson

Yigal Azrouël

Also watched the season premiere of ANTM earlier, cycle 13 is underway YES! Tyra's still got the stupid uneven story telling voice nailed, along with a new equally cringey french accent which she keeps dipping into. Never the less I've already picked out a few faves, and this cycle it's short girls only - 5ft 7" or less, now all I need is to work out a bit and get a new face and I'm THERE