Saturday, 21 November 2009

Little Pieces


I like to dance around my room to this, like what they do on Grey's :)

SO. Today me and Alex had a jolly great day out in B'ham. We started off with the 'Seen' exhibition currently showing at the Gas Hall. Photographs and paintings of Birmingham over the past couple of centuries. Having never taken an interest in Birmingham's history before, it was rather interesting seeing some of the plans they had in the 40's, and then seeing what they actually did.

Now Birmingham does have a few nice old buildings, and then there are a few nice modern buildings...but there's a lot of what I consider 'lazy' buildings. Concrete blocks. Just lazy design compared to the beautiful buildings.
It was the 60's. And the 80's. The lazies. The we're-too-busy-having-a-funky-time-ies.

This is one of the videos that's showing atm in the 'Seen' exhibition. For anyone who lives in B'ham, it's the hideous library by the Paradise Forum.

Birmingham timelapse from 7inch cinema on Vimeo.
I just cannot beliiiieve they demolished those lovely buildings in favor of THAT. eugh.

On a lighter note, we also went to the vintage fare which was visiting for today only at the Custard Factory. Picked up a lovely tan leather bag, and then went over to the Flea market where I got a knitted cardi - so warm - and a knitted headband thing. And thenn we also went to the creative workshop for a nosey to get ideas for things we'll probably never make, and had a slice of cake which was YUMMEE.
And then we went home. Today's weather = wet and gloomy.

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