Saturday, 19 December 2009

Driving Home for Christmas

...Chris Rea.

One of my favourite Christmas songs, it's always a sign that Christmas is officially here.

And here I am, on the 19:20 train to Preston, on my way home for Christmas. Since I've done nothing but pack all day, I'm pretty pleased that I got here way ahead of time, and managed to get all my stuff into my one suitcase (other than my camera bag, laptop and tripod, shh). Which is fine now since the train is dead, but on the way back I can see I'm going to struggle.

(ooooh we're setting off. good thing I've just had a travel sick pill as I'm going backwards. eek)

Thanks to the great National Express (coaches) not taking my card online, I decided to take a chance on the trains. And what a great call. So quiet, so fast, so spacious. Not to mention the FREE WI-FI in First Class. Oh Virgin trains, how fabulous you are. I'm hoping someone will be round to offer me a complimentary cup of tea as well soon.

So what have I been doing with my week off?
Well. Tuesday we had a Christmas meal at Weatherspoons, by christmas I mean most of us went for the steak special. Sherree and I then popped to the German Market for a ride on the carousel. For two twenty year olds, I'm not ashamed to say we had a ridiculous amount of fun, 'this is the only time it's acceptable to straddle a pole and get a way with it!!' oh sherree. Then we went home to polish off last years mulled with a splash of hot apple juice, and made jam tarts. Which we managed despite having no rolling pin OR cake baking tray. Yes yes, genius.
On Wednesday I went over to Alex, Jaime, Shiv and Ellie's for a little Christmas day, complete with crackers, yorkshire puddings and gravy. Ideas of chrismassy games quickly turned into watching home alone under the duvet, what a lovely lazy christmassy day :)
Thursday was christmas shopping day, Beckie and I managed to spend 6hours trailing round the city center, battling through the short but sweet blizzard to get our presents. While everywhere else in England is complaining about too much snow (England, despite having a slight bit of snow each year, is still surprised every time and the news reporters go skitz warning no one to travel), Birmingham remains snowless and living by the sea we rarely get any. This makes me not so excited for home.
And yesterday after watching everyone else leave, I spent the afternoon in the library. So quiet and depressing. I also made a start on making my Christmas cards, meaning I now have super glue still stuck to my nails.

Which brings me to now. The ticket man has informed me that there is no seat service today so I'll have to pop to the shop for my complimentary tea and biscuits. Oh I might just do that kind sir, I might just. I believe the next stop is Crewe.
I had a great idea that I might take a few snaps of my journey... I now realise it's pitch black outside, so that might be a bit boring.

I had a bit of a doodling & scanning sesh too.

Right, now that I've jazzed up what would have been a boring wordy post with some visual aids, I'm gunna see if virgin are so kind as so make spotify work too. oh wouldn't that be GREAT.
Can't wait to get home and see the christmas treee! :)

EDIT: Spotify does work. Delightful!!
I'm going to add another edit later...

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