Friday, 27 November 2009

I Can Talk.

...Two Door Cinema Club.
I loves it. Bloc-party-ish dingalingaling goin on.

Just tidied my room. Great.
Was going to paint the bathroom...but i can't find the white paint.
My dads coming this weekend to go Christmas shopping :)

Yo pops if yo still read.

Wishlish so far (as in my general wishlish for the all material things in life)...
Boots. (in such a puzzle of which ones to get)
Diana Mini. The little cutey.
J.Lo Still. Yeah its old. Yeah pretty much nowhere even sells it. But it smells so niiice.
Headphones. Wires are poking out, best replace before its too late!
Jack Wills fleecy woolly hoodie. Yeah...I know. But it just looks SOOO comfy. I keep checking eBay...but no. I have needed it in my life ever since the catalogue got acidently delivered to our house.

Really need to start my Xmas shopping soon. Have so many big ideas for my secret Santa present, but I just need more time! 4 weeks. EEK. 2 weeks to do 2 currently barely started assignments.

...K. I'm gunna start them now.

That is all.

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