Monday, 24 August 2009

Show me what you're looking for

...Carolina Liar.

I'm looking forward to...

The final has also scared the shit out of me. I am not looking forward to that. I am not old enough to have to think about finishing Uni, but with 3rd year only a month away, I know it'll creep up FAR too soon.
From September I need a job & to be better at everything. Oh god.
And then what... find a job? study more? an internship? change of direction? travel? flee the country? go home?
There are literally not enough hours in the day to research all the endless ideas.

I have just got back from Cornwall.

I did Cornish things like have cream teas and scones and eat Cornish pasties, sit on the cliffs reading a combination of Glamour & New scientist, trying to stretch them out to last the duration of my stay. The towns are so cute. I wish I could spend far more time sewing and painting pretty things.

From there I then spent a few days in Birmingham. The excitement of cleaning the house rapidly became less fulfilling when I realised how dirty it has become since my last visit. Never the less, things were achieved. Finally got my deposit back from our old house, Virgin Media has been reinstalled, along with a phone line and TV, resulting in it being constantly tuned into MTV for The Hills. Quite addictive I have found. Also gave blood and saw plenty of friends for 90's night, dinner & girly chats, G'Crasher and Inglorious Basterds. Gloriously gory.

Tomorrow I leave again for Leeds Fest. 3rd year in attendence and quite probably the last. With the best line up so far, I'm working it. SUCKS. Shifts are 9-9 with 2 hour breaks. I pray for 2 things.
1. Not to be working as a fire marshall on nights.
2. Take a break in time for Metric.
(I no longer need to see Jack's Mannequin, as I'm seeing them in Manc next week - YES!)

Making my new website is going well. I'm quite excited to finish it. Designing pretty much done, and now for the tedious task of making the gallery, along with the constant realisations I've done something wrong and having to go back and change things.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Close Call

...Rilo Kiley

Today has been another failed attempt to start drinking the recommended daily amount of water. My sister seems to have acquired a free NHS glass giving all the measurements on (included alcohol units. V useful... I definitely pour waaay more than a single) and so I've been using this, however only managed 6 of the 8 recommended glasses, and even then felt like I was drowning.
And yet again this new found regime is interrupted by a trip before it's even begun. This trip is leading me down to Cornwall for 6 nights with Hannah & Charlotte. Our coach tomorrow is at 6am from Blackpool, taking us down to Plymouth in 10 short hours. I imagine this journey to be like the NY coach....but without the quite night coach... and without the funky lighting... and without the excitement of knowing our destination is NY. Ahhh the great British public transport.
From Cornwall I'll then be heading back to Birmingham for a few nights, although since packing my rucksack I'm now realising all my favorite clothes are here, so have nooo clue what I'll be wearing for Steph's birthday bash. (Which reminds me to mention the AMAZING skirt whith literally caught my eye as it would a magpies in steals the other day. It is purple are sequined, and definitely intended for a person of much smaller size than myself...possibly even a child. This does not bother me, it is simply now a mini skirt. Yes a purple sequined mini skirt, which my mother of course pulled a face at, but I don't care. It's maaarvy... just need an occasion to wear it now.)

Anyhow. Since going out for a meal and pub quiz this eve and leaving packing til last minute, I have now left myself with 5hours sleep... if I fall asleep 10minutes ago.
Farewell for about 2 weeks bloggy. Expect shite pictures as I have no room nor desire to carry heavy cameras with me on these travels.

Sunday, 9 August 2009


...Tegan & Sara.

Beautiful Lula. Issue #8.

Saturday was my sister's 18th birthday, so Friday we spent the day preparing our garden with fairy lights and balloons ready for the pre-going out party which managed to fill our garden, driveway and kitchen and gave me a great excuse to get through a large portion of a bottle of rum, making Pina Coladas, strawberry daiquiris and mojitos. Yummee.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Starry Eyed

...Ellie Goulding


Saturday, 1 August 2009

Elevator Love Letter.


Hello again Blackpool. Hello internet.
Have spent the past 2 weeks dotted about the UK. First stop was Birmingham, then down to Beckie's dads by Portsmouth, before setting off for Camp Bestival in Dorset to work on litter and recycling. Overall not the best nor most glamorous times of my life, but I would say it was probably a result of bad karma coming from the amount of times I've avoided emptying the bins in our house over the past year. I have defiantly now made up for this. And then some. Bin juice, poor wages and cold showers aside, the festival was actually beautiful. Flowers, pretty flags, cushioned mattresses outside the bar tents, and plenty of sparkle. Not to be confused with Bestival, Camp Bestival is aimed at families, so the musical line up was a little thin on acts of interest to me. I did however manage to squeeze in Florence, Frank Turner, Laura Marling, the unnecessarily outrageous Frankie Boyle and the marvelous Marina & the Diamonds.
From beginning the festival with the idea of 'who on earth would want to bring their kids to a festival!?', I left with why on earth wouldn't you take kids there, so many activities I would have gotten involved with if it wasn't for knowing I would receive far too many scowley looks for being too old.

Returned home to find Lula laid out across my bed waiting for me. Finally. Will post my favourite spreads when I've had a proper study.