Monday, 16 November 2009


...Girls Aloud.

What else...?

So last week I got a bit lost. Like when you have so much food but forget what meals you like to eat. And when I wake up in the morning and have my whole wardrobe to pick a good outfit, but forget what looks good together.
Well when you have the endless amount of music on spotify, I have pretty much forgotten when I like to listen to. So I made a shit hot playlist of Britney and Girls Aloud, J.Lo, Enrique... and general pop. Anyone browsing my since last week would be pretty disgusted. But I just can't stop bopping about on my chair knowing ALL the words. :)

I took a lot of really bad pictures last week trying to do my 'concept' assignment. Mostly of ducks. My trip to the park for inspiration feel flat on its face, and I got chased off by a flock of ducks and a scarily tame squirrel (it was literally chasing me round the park. I was on my own...was a bit scary).

We have a new blog, as part of our production project;

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