Sunday, 16 May 2010

Knock you out

...Tiesto feat. Emily Haines

I'm on a Twitter detox, so short posts...

1. I know I'm sat inside all the time, and my house is cold, and atm the curtains closed, but... WHERE THE FUCK IS SUMMER?

2. For this reason I resisted the gorgeous cord shorts in favor of a flannel checked shirt. Finally making the most of the Jack Wills outlet.

3. I cant wait for my trip to St. Andrews. But not the mammoth journey. Which I saved just under £80 on, score!

4. Spotify ads are getting so much more annoying. But I think I have acquired a public profile so people can nosey at my badly compiled playlists;

5. Dissertation is IN. You'd think I'd be glad, but I would switch it for this production project anyday. I shall post a better post about my dissertation later in the week.



Saturday, 8 May 2010



I love this.

Monday, 3 May 2010


...I Am Arrows (A link for the none-spotifiers)

Oh dear, April blogging efforts have been poor. Lots has been happening, but with still sooo much to do, I really can't be spending time writing about it. So I'll sum up with the help of a phew pictures.

I took a trip to Liverpool. Myself and Phil went to visit Kerry and to watch her dance show for Uni. of Liverpool's Bodysoc, which she's president of and put lots of effort into organising. It was great and made me wish i was a cool sexy street dancer. Then we went out for numerous drinks, shots and cocktails about Liverpool. (which was also strange, as i'm used to going to big clubs rather than dotting around lots of bars all night. quite liked it, will defs have to go back for another round). Also bumped into old college pal Billy, which was v.exciting and surprising.

Next on my travels, was a Trinket roadtrip to London, where we (myself, Jaime, Jen and Sarah) were live blogging from Communicate Magazine's Social Media conference, which was held at Chelsea football club. I'm not going to write all about it, but if you're interested you can look at that here>>
We were also lucky enough to have a great host, Tanya and her family, who let us stay with them in North London, which is a lovely lovely area, with lots of greenery and blossom it's more like staying in the country than a huge city. Besides our long long day at the conference, we managed to squeeze in a drink in Camden, pizza in Hampstead, milkshakes at Tinseltown, and dinner in Covent Garden.

There we are blogging from the fancy box they put is in for the day

Yesterday we thought we'd check out the opening of the new MAC centre over at Canon Hill park, which looks greeeat. They'd put on taster workshops for all the different courses they offer, which obviously is not something we were going to miss out on. While most of them were full up, we managed to have a go at the animation taster, batik painting and clay modelling.

Mine is that unfinished looking duck.