Monday, 30 November 2009


Wish I had an endless array of sparkly costumes in my wardrobe and was a popstar so I could be in fancy glossy music videos. Or that I was an American cheerleader.
Gimme an M-A-R-I-N-A! MARINAAAA!

Friday, 27 November 2009

I Can Talk.

...Two Door Cinema Club.
I loves it. Bloc-party-ish dingalingaling goin on.

Just tidied my room. Great.
Was going to paint the bathroom...but i can't find the white paint.
My dads coming this weekend to go Christmas shopping :)

Yo pops if yo still read.

Wishlish so far (as in my general wishlish for the all material things in life)...
Boots. (in such a puzzle of which ones to get)
Diana Mini. The little cutey.
J.Lo Still. Yeah its old. Yeah pretty much nowhere even sells it. But it smells so niiice.
Headphones. Wires are poking out, best replace before its too late!
Jack Wills fleecy woolly hoodie. Yeah...I know. But it just looks SOOO comfy. I keep checking eBay...but no. I have needed it in my life ever since the catalogue got acidently delivered to our house.

Really need to start my Xmas shopping soon. Have so many big ideas for my secret Santa present, but I just need more time! 4 weeks. EEK. 2 weeks to do 2 currently barely started assignments.

...K. I'm gunna start them now.

That is all.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Little Pieces


I like to dance around my room to this, like what they do on Grey's :)

SO. Today me and Alex had a jolly great day out in B'ham. We started off with the 'Seen' exhibition currently showing at the Gas Hall. Photographs and paintings of Birmingham over the past couple of centuries. Having never taken an interest in Birmingham's history before, it was rather interesting seeing some of the plans they had in the 40's, and then seeing what they actually did.

Now Birmingham does have a few nice old buildings, and then there are a few nice modern buildings...but there's a lot of what I consider 'lazy' buildings. Concrete blocks. Just lazy design compared to the beautiful buildings.
It was the 60's. And the 80's. The lazies. The we're-too-busy-having-a-funky-time-ies.

This is one of the videos that's showing atm in the 'Seen' exhibition. For anyone who lives in B'ham, it's the hideous library by the Paradise Forum.

Birmingham timelapse from 7inch cinema on Vimeo.
I just cannot beliiiieve they demolished those lovely buildings in favor of THAT. eugh.

On a lighter note, we also went to the vintage fare which was visiting for today only at the Custard Factory. Picked up a lovely tan leather bag, and then went over to the Flea market where I got a knitted cardi - so warm - and a knitted headband thing. And thenn we also went to the creative workshop for a nosey to get ideas for things we'll probably never make, and had a slice of cake which was YUMMEE.
And then we went home. Today's weather = wet and gloomy.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Don't forget me.

...Way Out West.

Oh I am love loving my new playlist. Spotify+Greys=Amen.

Jaime linked me to a Tumblr blog the other day. Since joining I'd pretty much been steering clear of it, only going on to post on the Web & New Media blog. But now I've came across so many BEAUTIFUL photo postings.
And so my page is no longer a vast blank space. I've started some reblogging.

Means I can also get a head start on my Lookbook ethnography and start 'hyping' a bit. EEK.

Also. I've stretched. Was tired off having teeny tiny pictures and videos. Will need to be sorting out my lost looking title picture too. Hmmmmmm.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Life is short

...Butterfly Boucher

Oh Butlins. From the family album.

I'm out of my pop phase (for now).

Monday, 16 November 2009


...Girls Aloud.

What else...?

So last week I got a bit lost. Like when you have so much food but forget what meals you like to eat. And when I wake up in the morning and have my whole wardrobe to pick a good outfit, but forget what looks good together.
Well when you have the endless amount of music on spotify, I have pretty much forgotten when I like to listen to. So I made a shit hot playlist of Britney and Girls Aloud, J.Lo, Enrique... and general pop. Anyone browsing my since last week would be pretty disgusted. But I just can't stop bopping about on my chair knowing ALL the words. :)

I took a lot of really bad pictures last week trying to do my 'concept' assignment. Mostly of ducks. My trip to the park for inspiration feel flat on its face, and I got chased off by a flock of ducks and a scarily tame squirrel (it was literally chasing me round the park. I was on my own...was a bit scary).

We have a new blog, as part of our production project;

Fishing for a dream...

...Turin Brakes.

Self Portrait.

...the cast offs. Plus Miss Carruthers helping test the lighting with her craazy arms.

The King and all of his Men

...Wolf Gang. Cutesy of Neon Gold.

Long time no blog. Sorry James Singer, reading from your Blackberry.

Last couple of weeks have been BUSSSY. Photography assignment was a major stress, but literally just got it in on Friday. Self portraits... I cannot do. Took 2 days to try and shoot what I wanted, resulting in Jaime, Alex and I trying to construct a dream-esk set in their garage. Result= A stressy Alex, full of regret for agreeing to assist. Ain't she cute!

So yet again I found myself running from a taxi far too near to a deadline - not to self: THIS CANNOT CONTINUE. Never again.

This weekend has been a massive chill out. Not a sniff of work or anything productive has been done. We had Tom and Jack down for a visit, so Friday we went to Gatecrasher for the first time this year. Ah how I missed it. DJ sets were from Late of the Pier and Russel Lissack (Bloc Party), along with pre-ring of fire drinking equaled to a pretty god night. Saturday we ventured to town for the German market - baddd move! Was ridiculously busy due to the council and BRMB's tragic failure to deliver that spectacular light switch on (see the news, it's been on every TV bulletin). So we returned to the warmth of our living room, where we spent the rest of the weekend, filled with Snatch, Forrest Gump, Four Brothers, Spiderman, Dr. Who, shit TV, hot chocolate, pizza hut, cookie dough, popcorn, marshmellows, cable sweets, chippie chips and blankets. Now time for the mammoth clean up and getting on with some work. GREAT.

Thursday, 5 November 2009


I'm not usually big on nail art but WAH-ooow.

Might have to drop by Selfridges before Nov 11th.

Bonfire night, I'm off to the fireworks. In the rain. YAY.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Past in Present


While I was home last weekend I raided the baskets of photos in my mum's wardrobe. I will post my favs now and agian.

That's my Nana and Grandad (Spencer) as far as I know. Oh how lovely it must have been to live in Blackpool back then.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Perhaps vampires is a bit strong but...

HALLOWEEN. loves it. I'm beginning to realise what a good holiday it really is. Just creeps up (no pun intended), with not so much pressure as Christmas, and unlike the usual fancy dress themed nights, every seems to make the effort.
And so this year was another treat. All done up in our heavy black make-up, hairspray, wings, wigs and vodka we jumped (or scuttled in the wet windy weather) between Sarah's amazingly decorated house and the Union's Friday night regular - Bonkers. Managing to spend a grand total of £4.55 all night, I think this classes as a massive result.
It's official. Halloween is great.