Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Dust on the ground

...Bombay Bicycle Club

Playing in Birmingham tonight, however due to still no loan and no wages I am not there. Boo.

So freshers is over and classes have officially restarted. Timetable is now sorted which is good, meaning I'm still taking photography and web & new media. Looks like there's going to be ALOT of work which may take some getting used to. It hasn't yet set in that I will actually have to start the tasks we've been set, first up are the readings from monday which I'll be making a start on before I settle back to my usual spot in front of the TV.

Both practical classes are also having us start blogs, so here we go (have yet to do much with either).
1. Collabarative web & new media blog
2. Photoblog.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Here we go agian...

...Pixie Lott.
The kinda thing I really shouldn't like...but kinda do when I'm dancing about my room.

That is, the small floor space which I'm slowly managing to clear as I find homes in my room for all of my useless stuff. Just 'stuff'. So far I'm doing better than I thought so snaps for me.
Being fully moved back into my B'ham house I'm keeping busy getting all the little things ticked off my to do list.
We now have a home phone - tick
Virgin have taken back the free channels, no more the Hills - BOO.
CV's handed out, first interview tomorrow - double tick
Negotiated paying bills, no need to worry about debt collectors - tick
Tickets for tonights Hawaiian night purchased - tick, can't wait!
Fixed zips on latest steals purchases - tickk
Great buy for next spring, cream linen playsuit, miss selfridge (top half not a million miles from that Charlotte Ronson one piece in my last post) - ticck
New issue of Lula - tickkkk. (A sign to sway me in the direction of what I've been pondering in terms of a drastic change in appearance?)

I still seem to be putting off the task of sorting out my options for this term. Mainly due to the fact that I know what the result will be, I don't want to ruin my averagely good mood.

Good news is also that my Nana's old camera has still got it, despite the broken light meter.
Lulworth & Camp Bestival (which I still have not been paid for.)

Note. why oh why am I looking so awful and listening to such shit. NOT a good time for people to come a knocking.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Skeleton Boy

...Friendly Fires.

Skeleton boys and girls - it's New York Fashion Week! Browsing through a few of the shows so far and feeling like I should definitely resist the apple pie and put down the Dairy Milk... man I wish I was there.

Just some of my favorites:

Costello Tagliapietra

Whitney Eve
(as in The Hills & The City...quite impressive. She was always my fave.)

Cynthia Steffe


Cynthia Rowley

Rage & Bone

Charlotte Ronson

Yigal Azrouël

Also watched the season premiere of ANTM earlier, cycle 13 is underway YES! Tyra's still got the stupid uneven story telling voice nailed, along with a new equally cringey french accent which she keeps dipping into. Never the less I've already picked out a few faves, and this cycle it's short girls only - 5ft 7" or less, now all I need is to work out a bit and get a new face and I'm THERE
Love this. Rabbit Heart - Jamie T & Ben Bones Lionheart Remix..
Sorry if you don't have spotify, but I may well do that with all songs. What a genius invention.

I have also added Long Island ice tea to the list of cocktails I like :) Can't wait for the return to Island Bar before Hawaiian night during Freshers.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Sweet Disposition.

...The Temper Trap.
Giving me a bit of an uncomfortable feeling of dread in my stomach. That 4music ad. Festivals. Summer. A reminder that it's all over. Seasons are too short.

After living quite happily without a mobile for the past couple of weeks, I've resigned to the fact that it's easier if I have one and without one I am wasting £20 a month, and so I now have 2. One is one of my sisters many faulty phones which is a scuffed up version of my old phone and has a tendency to cut out letters. The other used to be my grandads, basic but quite cute and I'm liking the novelty of finally having a flippy phone to casually flip open and close when calling, SO cool. I just can't stop flip flipping.
It also has a nice selection of classic novelty jazzy ringtones - all hideous, the sort which make you want to answer your phone really quick to avoid annoying nearby members of the public. After narrowing it down it was a toss up between 'birds' (tweeting birds, obv), 'space 2' (what I'd imagine could potentially make the shortlist for a sci-fi soundtrack, space ship lift off) and 'cat' (a wailing cat). I went for 'cat'.
I can't wait for someone to call... I might be waiting a while.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Drumming Song


Who I managed to hear while standing in the rain & wind on my post by the taxi rank at Leeds (5 layers + holey wellies). Luckily inbetween standing around waving and screaming at taxis who refused to follow the 'no left turn' order, I did make the ordeal very worthwhile by seeing some great sets. Top of the list of course were Metric, my first time seeing them and they did not disappoint, Emily looking great as usual in this beautiful sequin number...

Closely followed by White lies and Bombay Bicycle Club who were equally great. I also took a break to see Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but was ever so slightly disappointed, mainly due to the strange and hideous outfit choice from Karen O. I know I know if anyone could get away with it, she could, and it's her style etc etc, but personally I am not a fan. At all. Would post a picture but I can't find one and by this point in the weekend I'd already had my bag stolen - along with phone, camera, purse & waterproof. This means I am phoneless until I can find an old one and afford a replacement, despite finding 5 phones in my sisters room not one of them will turn on - boo!

Of course there was also the marvelous Jack's Mannequin, both at Leeds and Manchester Academy on tuesday night which was both a present to myself and my sister for her 18th Birthday. Andrew McMahon also played Punk Rock Princess without the rest of the band which was looovely and much to the joy of the 2 large sweaty guys next to us clutching each other clearly living out their Something Corporate dream. It's been a while since I've had to do the long run along Oxford road to catch the last train - I think that counts as a great deal of exercise for this week and so I find it quite alright to have been snacking on chocolate brownies and biscuits all week :)

Since then I have been sewing, seeing good friends, making a trip to the hospital for poor deflated lung Jack, and tomorrow is baking day. I can't wait. I may even make a pizza today and carry on with my tapestry. It's going to take a while - so far have done very little which has taken me 5 films and 3 episodes of One Tree Hill.

Eugh stupid long boring post. Sozz.