Saturday, 23 January 2010


...Regina Spektor

Photos from snowier times.

Costume Party

...Two Door Cinema Club

Who'd have thought the red squirrel, bat, panda, peacock, seal, tiger, cat, leopard, elephant and chicken would get along so great?
(me being the red squirrel. burnt browny face paint... not a particularly flattering colour though I must admit)

Staying in bed for half the day definitely seems to be the way forward for avoiding any sort of hangover :)
And now I am just a teeny bit bored, having finished all my assignments and had my one, LAST EVER exam. Now all that's left is the dissertation and production project (currently in the process of thinking up names for our PR company. As we have been for the past four months), leaving me with alott of free time, which I will no doubt manage poorly. Going to start some sort of list of weekly aims.

This week:
- Give blood
- Finish every bit of my lit. review
- Finish every bit of my methodology
- Start work on Lookbook ethnography
- Bake some sort of cake/ muffins/ brownie
- Adjust all the clothes that are too big/ falling apart that I keep putting off
- Hover house
- Get back to making new website... Maybs even buy web space
- Sort out council tax (! eek this is a must before they take us to court!)

Hmmm. That's all I can think of. I blame the uninspiring weather.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Come on be good


So work is out of the way - finally! (I said this, blissfully ignoring the fact that I have a dissertation meeting on wednesday, and exam on thursday). All will be swell. The weekend has been spent yet again wasting an alarming amount of time on small tasks. Today a prime example, the 'morning asda shop' turned into all afternoon, scanning every aisle for necessary items, along with a few special treats. Treats including elderflower cordial, Pimms, rum, numerous muffin/ brownie/ truffle ingredients, fancy fruity twinning teas and frozen fruits. All of which amounting to not-so-surprisingly the most expensive food shop I have ever done, infact possibly the most expensive all in one go shop I have EVER done.
Not to worry, because this WILL last me a long time, and means i am no longer living off ready meals and soup. And from now on it will only be sensible - necessary - purchasing. By this of course I mean things that will contribute to my red squirrel costume for this friday's animal party. Going to be great, although I do fear that this will somewhat distract us from any form of revision before then.

Also. Don't have much to say, but will keep up with the weather updates. Snow is gone. This is sad because it means everywhere is no longer white, its back to gray and slushy green. But also slightly good because it means I can walk rather than slide, having no shoes with grip has been a bit of a set back, meaning I had to walk all round uni holding on to the nearest wall/ railing/ barrier, bringing back memories of ice skating parties that everyone seemed to have in our teens. Yes, great fun sliding around a ring, pulling myself along via the outside barriers, not moving my feet for fear of sliding right over.

Just love my trees and plants :)

Okay. Well I thought I had more to say, but actually I don't. Just gunna sip the rest of my now cold Earl Grey, eat more Roses (which tbh I;m getting kinda sick of. Might hide them so I stop eating for the sake of it, and save until I appreciate them), and think about opening some books.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

All at once

...The Fray.
Just loving them atm. Yeeah.

What is with Blogger's inability to upload and post images bigger than 400px ?? Annoying.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Moon & Sun.


So my journey back on thursday was an early morning coach, meaning i saw the morning for the first time in weeks. And not just the morning, the moon, the stars and the sunrise.
The coach took the annoyingly, needlessly long route to Preston along the prom, however since it's just so pretty, I guess it can be forgiven.

where is my mind.


Web work go away!
I am so so close to having it done, but without that ONE tiny bit of code it won't work. And I have no idea what to do. I have tried and tested and tried and tested and I am officially stuck.

Am however back in Birmingham. Its still snowy. Just been for a walk in the park. Its so white and fresh and peaceful. I never want it to end. My room's all cosy, and I've put fairy lights round my 'work' area which seems to be making it much more appealing to sit at my makeshift desk like a proper person, instead of slumped in my cosy bed.