Friday, 2 October 2009


...Passion Pit.

So here I am, Friday night with my hot chocolate waiting for another episode of Greys to load. So cool. So saving money. So resting in preparation for ridiculously big night in Digbeth tomorrow, Block Party. 15 areas and a hella lot of people. Better be good.

So today I finally purchased a sequined blazer, have wanted one ever since seeing Rachel Bilson in that beautiful navy D&G one. Of course they are now everywhere, butt the plus is that I can afford a much much cheaper one :) It's silver. I like. Also have some new shoes, black suedey and will most certainly kill my feet tomorrow night.

Feel I should post something more substantial than this? Buttt I'm boring so don't have much else to say.
Oh. I had my favorite of my homemade inventions for dinner. It goes in layers of the veg I have lying about. 1.sliced potatoes 2.tomatoes 3.chicken 4.aubergine 5.more chicken if there is more 6.fine green beans 7.leeks (then drizzle cream so it goes all the way through) 8.breadcrumbs and parmesan. Deeeelish, I could easily have eaten twice as much.

A p.s. on the last post though, the whole of that Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson album is lovely. Break Up.

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