Monday, 16 November 2009

The King and all of his Men

...Wolf Gang. Cutesy of Neon Gold.

Long time no blog. Sorry James Singer, reading from your Blackberry.

Last couple of weeks have been BUSSSY. Photography assignment was a major stress, but literally just got it in on Friday. Self portraits... I cannot do. Took 2 days to try and shoot what I wanted, resulting in Jaime, Alex and I trying to construct a dream-esk set in their garage. Result= A stressy Alex, full of regret for agreeing to assist. Ain't she cute!

So yet again I found myself running from a taxi far too near to a deadline - not to self: THIS CANNOT CONTINUE. Never again.

This weekend has been a massive chill out. Not a sniff of work or anything productive has been done. We had Tom and Jack down for a visit, so Friday we went to Gatecrasher for the first time this year. Ah how I missed it. DJ sets were from Late of the Pier and Russel Lissack (Bloc Party), along with pre-ring of fire drinking equaled to a pretty god night. Saturday we ventured to town for the German market - baddd move! Was ridiculously busy due to the council and BRMB's tragic failure to deliver that spectacular light switch on (see the news, it's been on every TV bulletin). So we returned to the warmth of our living room, where we spent the rest of the weekend, filled with Snatch, Forrest Gump, Four Brothers, Spiderman, Dr. Who, shit TV, hot chocolate, pizza hut, cookie dough, popcorn, marshmellows, cable sweets, chippie chips and blankets. Now time for the mammoth clean up and getting on with some work. GREAT.

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