Monday, 12 October 2009


...Donora. From that Postsecret video which is awesome.

So. What's new?
1. Today Tanya and I went over this weeks photog ds, choosing our favourite of each others piccypictures. Those were mine. My bathroom & garden.

2. I'd been contemplating taking a pair of scissors to my wrists for a while now. And so the other day I let go of a few things which have been slightly weighing me down. Particularly the left side of me.

3. Friday was Alex & Adams birthday house partay. I made butterfly shaped cakes. They didn't quite look as beautiful as I'd imagined and the pipe bag burst - yet another example that no pipe bag is strong enough to do it's job.

4. I also had friends to stay this weekend, we Snobsed it Saturday night. Was much fun.
Okay. Enough blogging, must get back to work slash watch Being Erica whilst doing work.

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