Monday, 28 December 2009

Black & Blue.

...Mike Snow. (Cus it's been snowy?)

Hohoho. Christmas is over and the snow's melted. How very depressing. But no fear, new year is just around the corner, and for now it seems there are plans. Not mind blowing plans, but plans none the less which is more than I can say for the usual.
Will be taking great care to drink sensibly, unlike the 'quiet one' for Christmas eve. So much for the a few drinks and tucked up in bed before the Tache closed ready for Santa. Instead I managed to get home by gone half 4 (well well over an hour since leaving), after failing to enjoy my Popeyes pizza, at which point Santa himself was probably tucked up in bed. Needless to say Christmas morning was definitely not enjoyed as it was as a child. Oh to be a grown up. It sucks.
My sister and I opted for a much smaller quieter Christmas this year, spending it round at my Nanas, where we had an afternoon of Cluedo and my annual dose of festive joy provided by Corrie & Eastenders. 1 murder, 1 affair, 1 cancer revelation, 1 rape revelation and lots of weepies. Lovely.

-Note. My mum just walked in. "Is this Vic Reeves?" "No." "Who is it?" "Editors" "...Vic Reeves?" "No. Editors" "...and Vic Reeves?" Weird. -

It's now clear I will definitely be coaching back to B'ham in the new year, together with an additional rucksack at the least to fit in all my new pressies. Highlights being my black lace up booties from Topshop, D&G the One, plenty of nail accessories, tights, make up, and my lovely cosy new hoodie. And yeah, yeah I did get it, regardless and regretless.
My cutey little friend Diana Mini is also here! Loaded and waiting to get out. Have a feeling it may take a few films for me to get going, but I cannot wait.

And as if this isn't enough, I went sale shopping yesterday... via Steals. This is after my "I really don't need anymore bits of clothes. I don't have enough time to wear what I have, and they really have no impact on my quality of life. No more"
And then there was this.

+ Spangly black & gold dress. + Summer dresses (can't have enough summer dresses). + Silver playsuit (don't have any playsuits, so really it's an all new addition). + Bargain of a skirt. I love skirts, and I love broken zips. So cheap because they think no one can be bothered to mend them. Hah suckers.
(I can't find pictures of any of these. Soz. Know y'al dying to see)
Probs won't go again for quite a while, so it's fine. fine fine fine.
Tomorrow is bead shopping day. Considering Poulton is such a cute little town, there is a considerable lack of haberdashery shops.

Also. I made these chocolate truffles the other day. Dark chocolate & orange & I added Baileys instead of Brandy. They were REAL good. Thanx Jamie.
Jamie Oliver's Chocolate Truffles.

Today was another lunch spent in the Cube with Hannah, Linzi & Kerry for our secret santa swapping, however since it was more a highly calculated santa, and my giver was absent, I must wait another day for my gift, meaning Christmas is not actually over! phew.
We then went back to Hannah's for some bowling, cycling, water skiing, canoeing and fencing. My first EVER Wii experience. Shocking I've managed to stay away for so long. I thought I'd hate it, all that moving around, but actually it was quite fun.

Anyway. I think that's quite enough of my dull life. Plus I just noticed the time and the past 2 hours have flown by. Eek.

P.s. Why do my neighbors talk SO loud. I swear they never talk this loudly. Sounds like he's pressed up against my wall while having his conversation.

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