Monday, 30 March 2009

My Best Dress =

...Florence and the Machine.

Alright not my best dress, but my latest favorite purchase from Steals, as modeled so kindly by Lily Allen, doubt I'll be popping out to the shops in it as she does though.
£45 in Miss Selfridge, but due a slightly broken zip, which can be fixed very easily, it was £5 :)

I was glad to see Steals back to its original size again, taking up both shop floors, although the prices have shot up a little, no more 'Everything under £5', booo!
The place is magical, and for anyone who knows Blackpool, or me for that matter, will be aware of its brilliance. Topshop, Miss Selfridge & Dorothy Perkins clothing, quite recent, but with something wrong with it and so sold for a fraction of the original price.
One of the few good things attracting me back to Blackpool.
The rest is a mess, most of the shops have either moved into the new center or gone bust due to the recession, and so we're now left with empty shops and an increasing number or poundland types...I can think of 7 off the top of my head. Hard times, yet my parents just can't understand why I'm not inclined to stay and look for a job this summer.

... I also have NOTHING to do. So so boring at home.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

People As Places As People...

...Modest Mouse.

Just finished watching Brokeback Mountain with the boys, I have yet to pack a single thing, and still need to clean up in the kitchen, coach is at 11:20am, plus I'll loose an hour due to the clocks going forward.... arrr!

We Drink On the Job.


NO UNI FOR 3 WEEKS!! Yessss!
(...however 1000 word literature review to write over Easter, good times eh.)

Last night went to definitely the most packed house party I've ever attended, kitchen = Leeds fest Duracell tent. Crazy amount of people, but all equaled to a good night I'd say. Decided to crash at Hotel de la Alex & Jaime to save on taxi fair, and was treated to a round of pancakes and ER this morning :)

Now back in my bed with wet hair about to book my coach back to Blackpool tomorrow, and will attempt to organize my room and pack, always a mission. The sun has finally popped out and is beaming in my window, making me feel happppyy, although I do feel I should be doing something more productive. I want to go to the cinema and see Duplicity, but everyone appears to be heading home, booo!

That is all.

Thursday, 26 March 2009


...Great Northern.

We FINALLY have the contract signed for our house next year :) Mr.H was 'sorry from the bottom of his heart' for taking so long...I bet.
Will miss my huge room, I've gotten far too used to having so much space to wander around in. But it's such a homely house...all the way up the road. I hope my memory isn't building it up to be better than it was.

5/6 images edited and printed ready to hand in hopefully tomorrow, just one more stupid product shot to decide on. Portraits printed fine, product fine, fashion ones on the other hand have some out far more blue than they're supposed to be. They just look like they're under the sea. Oh dear.
Progress of Friday's presentation....slow. Game prototype... at doodle stage. I'm thinking more screen shots than prototype now.

Must get some sleep, I keep sub consciously putting my alarm on snooze until it runs out of snoozes, and by then I'm asleep again and wake up mega late. Uh oooh.


Sunday, 22 March 2009

To Twitter or not to Twitter? (... Mirror Error)

...The Faint.

I now have a Twitter account.

My reasoning for this is as follows...

Browsing the past few days of Media Guardian articles along with various bits of coverage from SXSWi, in the hope of finding inspiration for this semester's theory research report, I realise there is an awful lot about Twitter. Now whilst very few of my friends use it I'm well aware plenty of people do, and so even though I have no intention to get stuck in with Twittering right now, I must prepare for the inevitability that soon enough it will catch up with me, and by then any user names remotely close to my name with will be gone, and so I have decided to snatch one up while I still can. Selfish yes, but practical.

Oh and also, I already have a problem with Twitter. It did the whole search my contacts for other users, as it turns out there were only two results, one of whom isn't actually on my contact list, yet it automatically added them to my following list. I thought this abit wrong since I didn't say yes I want to follow that person, being that I don't even know them. RUUUDE.
So now I appear to have 2 automatic followers and I am following no one. I know this is not proper twittiquete, apparently there is alot to learn here.


Editing while watching Domino, since Charlie's Angels refused to work in the DVD player. It's just getting to the best bit, love the end shot out scene with Tom Jones over the top.

Friday, 20 March 2009

Veiled in Grey

...Mystery Jets.

So it's been a few days since my last post, had work in today which is one more thing out of the way :) I've spent the past few days kidding myself that I've been working on it, yet I find myself sat in the radio rooms this morning typing the whole thing up to get it in for 3. Will I never learn?

So Space Carnage has been and gone, on the whole I'd say a pretty good night. Unfortunately none of my grand outfit plans really followed through, and so I ended up as just a silver being, with my face painted silver. This is something which, like most, I imagined to look much better in my head. Thankfully I managed to rope my friend Alex into doing the same, so I was not alone in my Tinman-esk looking outfit. I have to say though, a good effort to my dear friend Beckie with her Darlek costume. She made herself a cardboard skirt, spray painted a colander, attached a torch and wore this on her head, along with a plunger and whisk taped to each arm. Definitely the best effort I saw all night (y).

After a nice little stroll around town in the sun this afternoon with Alex and Jaime, and treating myself to a full price item in H&M (alright it was only £7.99, but this is a very rare thing for me), I've now just finished watching the latest ER on 4OD. I did feel a little lonely being the only person home, until everyone came round and are now drinking downstairs and then I realised that I was enjoying being by myself. I know I should really go and socialize, but I'm just not in the mood for a sitting in a group situation and not actually contributing anything. And so for now I'm happy to be anti-social and sit back for last night's episode of Skins, back on good old 4OD :)


Wednesday, 18 March 2009

If there's a rocket, tie me to it...

...Snow Patrol

Haha, they have the right idea.

Wow I love Birmgham's RAG market, I always get distracted by the button/ bead/ ribbon stalls. Couldn't resist the elasticated sequins and their amazing headband potential, which led to me think that the moon isn't really shiny or sparkly... and then I thought, what about a space station...!

I need to wake up earlier to make time for proposal writing and photography editing so as to allow time to create these ideas, we can only hope :)


Monday, 16 March 2009

Kiss With a Fist

...Florence and the Machine.
Also love the Hospital Beds cover.

I cannot wait for the new series of this.

There's not much that actually makes me laugh out loud on television. I first watched this alone in my room and could not stop laughing. Quality.

Today has been such nice weather, I even took my coat off walking around town. Saturday I saw my first blossom so far this year, we made a visit to Highbury Park, originally we'd intended to go to Edgbaston Park, however we couldn't find the entrance, despite driving around it a few times. But Highbury was nice, we took a mini picnic and came up with the idea of picnic parties once it get nicer, I'm very much looking forward to this.

I also bought my very first railcard today, I've always favoured the National Express due to the guaranteed seat, and less hassle with luggage, but I thought it was about time since I plan to visit some friends in Scotland after Easter and would much rather whiz up on a train rather than a full day trip on the coach.

I hear there's a new episode of ANTM up on youtube. So far I'm gunna say so far I love Celia. I have a friend obsessed with Alison, who I also think is stunning in a slightly scary way. Anyway, on with the next episode...


Friday, 13 March 2009

Love Kills

...Little Boots (buffetlibre vs sidechains remix)

Getting me in the mood for Gatecrasher tonight, girls night out with Hannah, Steph and Jemma, I'm sure will either end disastrously or fabulous. Have an hour till Jemma arrives, then little drink before departing for pre-drinks with last years hamstead hall jocks who I don't really know, and who I'm prettyy sure don't like me anyway. Ah lolz.

After just helping the boys to eat their £100 worth of pizza & wedges & chicken wings (all in aid of James' birthday), I'm hoping I'll still be able to fit in my dress which is tight enough after I had to adjust it to fit to me in the first place, but me being an amateur at this kind of thing just pinned it, sewed and hoped for the best.

Today I proudly purchased these beauties, and for a mere £5 from the cleverly named store '1 pound...or 2, or a bit more'. After trekking round every tacky shop in Birmingham city centre I found not one pair of gold leggings, and after being told that painting myself gold was a bad idea (I still think it would have been beautiful), I have decided not to be the sun, but the moon instead and go SILVER. Now that Beckie has given up this outfit so that she can dress as a darlic....yes, it means that no matter how silly I look, I'll be stood next to a girl with a plunger and whisk attached to her hands, so I doubt anyone will even notice me.
I'm so excited, I look like an actual Christmas turkey in them :)

Right must get myself ready, do a bit of jogging on the spot to work off those chicken wings maybe?


(June 20th , TO...!? Look forward to it)

Currently sat up in bed with my fully bloomed daffodils infront of me, ahhh spring is upon us. Still waiting for blossom, then I will be happyhappy.

So, apparently Megavideo's annoying 72 minutes works on the internet connection, not my actual laptop, which I did not realise, and explains its tendancy to cut off after 1 minute rather than 72 when someone else has been watching things. Gaaaah. Still I just managed to get through a whole episode without interuptions, however ended up being a least 6/7 out of sync which is very annoying.

Have also just noticed facebook's latest re-vamp. Hideous. Just hideous. They seem to have taken a step back rather than forward, this new layout is in no way more useful. Eugh. Full of status updates, curvy corners and 'highlighted' stories from people I have absolutely no interest in.
Oh how I hate change.
Also currently listening to a bit of this new Metric, I see this new funny looking player. There's nothing wrong with it, I guess after forgetting a little about MySpace, it didn't occur to me that things would still be changing. I do not like how they've tried to move with FB trends with all the new additions to the homepage, it just looses the point of having different accounts if all these sites try to do exactly the same things. This is hypocritical seeing that I now I have a blog, flickr and, dispite that I could easily have documented all these things on a FB / MySpace profile. I just luuurve having things to distract me :)
Ah at laast I have yet to venture into the land of Second Life. Ha. I have every intention to, if only to look from a researchers perspective. We were given an interesting reading last week on an ethnographical study carried out in Second Life community... it all sounds very very stange.

On the topic of Myspace, I guess I should end by popping this in, as it is what encouraged my last login...
My good friend Jack's new band. Not bad for a few demos I'd say.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

From The Stars...

...White Lies. Good album.

Thankfully I have managed to get a certain downloading programme to work again, which means new additions to my itunes, awesoomme.

I've also re-visited that occasional realisation I sometimes get that I'm on the wrong career path. I want to be an Astronomer. If only I'd realised these things sooner and chosen wisely at A-Level. Could have been an astronomer, astronaut, volcano studier person... the list goes on. I just want to do something useful that could in some teeny teeny tiny way potentially have an impact on lives. Ahhhhh well.

A few things I forgot to write last time...

Tootsie Roll. Ahhhh my dear forgein friend. Finally tucked into my Christmas stash recently (yes, yes bravo to me managing to keep chocolate this long....note to self I still have a box of unopened maltesers...ooooo!). Anyhow, this is a vanilla bag of mini tootsies, which at first, I'll be honest, I was a bit wary of, but once I got started I just kept chewing away through most of the bag in 2 days! Eek need to slow it down since I'll have to survive till June for my next installment. I Can't wait. I would have bought some online if it weren't for stuuuupid Amazon not accepting my debit card. BOOO.

I also watched another episode of Brothers and Sisters the other night, on surfthechannel of course, nicely ahead of what's being shown here. One of my dear favourite shows, anyway this episode saw the introduction of the latest illegitimate child, Ryan. He was only in it for the last minute, but phwoooar. And I'm not one of those girls that's particularly over the top with 'OH EM GEE he's so fittt', but wooow. I think my jaw actually dropped. Look forward to seeing where this storyline will be going.

Speaking of TV, my friend Rich earlier informed me that he read somewhere that George Clooney's coming back for 3 episode of ER! THREE! I can only pray that this is true. I'm in love with ER and will most definitely cry when it ends.

In other news looks like I have work placement at a photography studio near me for over the Easter break which is goooood news :) Luckily we have the studio booked out Friday morning at uni so I can have a play and won't look like a complete spaz when I don't quite actually know what I'm doing.

I'm sure there was other things to say but they seem to have escaped me. Back to my reading on remediation, 16 pages left and then 300 words to write. Not that much but I'm all tired. Tomorrow the hunt for gold leggins and gold body paint will commence, this time next week I shall be the centre of our solar system.

Night bloggy blog

p.s. gosh I write too much.
p.p.s. Tonight I'm missing two gigs I very much wanted to go to. One being Snow Patrol, yeah I don't care that people slag them off, I like them. Secondly and which I am especially angry at myself for not knowing about and getting tickets to when they came out, is Jack's Mannequin in Manchester. One of my absolute favourite bands, I cannot describe how much I love them and how amazing I can feel listening to them. Hence how completly gutted I was to realise they were playing only 2 shows here and I'd missed out on getting tickets. Oh well, must not dwell on this, only making myself more annoyed.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

First Post! ...Evening, Morning

After creating this a few weeks ago, I have still yet to start writing, we go.

I'm not yet sure what the purpose of this blog will be. Probably more along the lines of me just wittering on about my life and things I like, so I don't anticipate that it'll attract many ( slash any) followers, which is fiiine by me, I'm well aware how un-interesting I can be.

My aims for today were to get up at a reasonable hour, make a start on this week's Digital Cultures reading, come up with a game idea for Interactive Promotion... first aim failed, woke at half 9, thought this was too early, feel back to sleep, re-woke half 11, lay about, searched google for silver/gold leggins and body paint (new idea sprung to mind for space themed Carnage was the sun and moon...we shall see), annnd then got up.
Since then, I'v made myself a sandwhich and created a Flickr account. Thought it might be a good idea, since I've yet to create myself a website (the main difficulty I face is my lack of knowledge as to how to acctually upload my first page - arr). So far I've only uploaded 23 of my images, need to organise the others and edit a few before I upload.

First set can be found on Flickr here >>

So I guess we can say that this has been slightly productive, at least now I have some where to link people to to see my work. Yes. Very productive move indeed.

Now to work on getting work experience, first stop meeting for student magazine later today, not sure if they'll have a place for none-writters, but it's worth a shot.

Also expecting a visit from the ever reliable Mr H, who was supposed to be round last night with the contracts for our new house, he was also supposed to be round last tuesday... and last whether or not he'll turn up today is anyone's guess. He's a funny little man, sits in our front room and says 'I really like you guys... I think of you as my family', as we all refrain from smirking and wondering just how other many people he's said that too. He must have one big family.

Anyway, must get make myself look presentable before leaving the house.

CURRENTLY LOVING: Evening, Morning by Bombay Bicylce Club