Thursday, 30 April 2009

The Inbetweeners

Yes. Them again. This weeks definitely funnier than last so would just like to add this, although nowhere near the best bits...

Also in the land of my TV faves, one week until the return of Dr. Doug Ross, YESS!

(that nicely manages to mess up my page....oh well)

Tuesday, 28 April 2009


... Eddie Vedder
(Off of that marvelous soundtrack to a marvelous film, Into the Wild.)

I have come to the tragic realisation that I am in fact 4 years behind where I need to be and I'm far past the point of return.
And so I will carry on trudging along with what I've set myself up for and will carry on to dream while quietly searching for another way.

Aside from this I have yet again broken my own record for how much I spend on my big Asda shop, although hopefully my £70 worth of food will last me a good few weeks.

Last weekend I took a lovely (6 and a half hour) trip up to St Andrews in Scotland, where my 2 friends Hannah and Linzi are at uni. It's so unbelievably different to life in the city, whereas I walk up the road to find the 'shameless family' sat out on their plastic chairs, Hannah is a minute from the sea and quiet sandy beaches, which Kerry and I agreed is like walking in flour it's so soft.

See ^^ sea right there.
Here's a little bit of how we spent our time...

Savoring a few of the numerous cute cafes scattered around the town, Dutch Chocolate & Ferrero Roche for me yummm

Fancy cocktail bar, Cosmopolitan (left), all fruity looking, oh so misleading. Also went to a few other bars, surprisingly not so many drunken disorderlys I've become so used to living in B'ham and Blackpool. Also went to the student union which is apparently as close as they get to a nightclub, really a far cry from Gatecrasher nights out.

Playing in the flour sand and watching people playing various sports, wishing we were athletic and dreaming up our perfect boyfriends

And of course there was plenty of pretty pretty blossom making the town look ever more picturesque. I took plenty more photos, which I was intending to use in my editorial photography assignment for travel photography, however I fear I may have been swept up with all the other tourists snapping away at all the scenic areas, so there may not actually be much I can use... we shall seee.

In other news I did manage to spend the majority of my 5hour train journeys cropping and resizing images and building bits of my website, just have to figure out how to actually upload it to the web... so simple i'm sure.

Sunday, 19 April 2009


...White Lies.

These rides are most definitely not working anymore, have headed south and returned to Birmingham.
I only hope I don't have to spend all summer back in Blackpool, as other if it wasn't for placement I would have been SO bored and lonely. Luckily I spent the majority of my break at the Astbury Studio doing various bits of editing and polishing and slicing, which I rather liked, along with the people who were lovely.

My final night out in Blackpool was spent in Funny Girls for a bit of cabaret, plenty of glitz, and men with better legs than me! Then onto Jenx again for a good dance before returning home early to be up at 8am the next day and pack before heading back here.

And now the sun is shining and I'm wishing I was out picnicing rather than sat here with the intention to start work about 4hours ago... Come on motivation! Back to uni tomorrow...yaaaay :|

Monday, 13 April 2009

Bicycle Rush

... Maccabees!

I see now why people are reluctant to go with my bright ideas, which sound like fun in my head, but in reality are painful! Such pain in my knees, my poor little knees! A teeny uphill slope was much a mission that I had to take a lengthy detour through the park to avoid any more mountains (which isn't actually that much further, but when I looked on Google maps, it bumped my journey up to 4 miles each way), and while Matt goes breezing off up the prom like he's on a scooter, I'm lagging behind nearly knocking kids over. I clearly need to stop kidding myself that I'm as fit as I was 3 years ago when I went to the gym and trekked up actual mountains.

So anyway, was supposed to be meeting Jack as well, but in typical fashion he was rather late after a few 'issues' with his bike, resulting in us attempting to look for him cycling up and round the promenade numerous times and returning to Central pier just in case he showed, but no luck. And so we enjoyed a little Starbucks a wander round town (- bank holiday Monday in Blackpool, very busy!) Just as we were ready to leave, 3 hours later we finally hear from Jack who claimed to have been at Central Pier at 3 and waited half an hour - lies - and was now in St. Annes at Matts house. Dear me & LOLZ. A good day never the less, and many a lesson learned,
1. I need to work out, and
2. Mobiles were invented for a reason - charge it!

So Easter weekend over and I'm no closer to starting work, arrrr!

Sunday, 12 April 2009

The quiet things that no one ever knows...

...Brand New.

There are no squirrels at the squirrel sanctuary... what a devastation!

I haven't blogged in a while, I haven't had a lot to say. I'm currently on work placement at the Astbury Studio in Poulton, which is good as it's been keeping me busy last week and will again next week. I've been mainly doing editing, which is good as it's what I like doing. I've aquired the name 'quiet girl' =/ I never adapt well to unfamiliar surroundings, my mind goes blank and I don't have much to say, oh dear.

Thursday night we ventured out to Blackpool to the famous Tache, known 'mosher' venue. Awesome haha. Was ridiculously busy, whereas we'd usually que for about a minute, there was a scramble of a que which took about 20 minutes to get in. But there were quite a few familiar faces out despite a whole new generation taking over. I'm wondering when the time will finally come when I know no one... and I hope I'm not around to see it, I'd rather remember Blackpool nights out at their best.

Tomorrow I will attempt to bike my way to the prom, I can think of 3 major hills and a fair few steady ascents on the route, which will be interesting since I stopped going to the gym 2 years ago and the most I've come to a good work out since is running for a bus. However next to Jack who's recovering from a collapsed lung, hopefully I shouldn't do too bad.... Good luck to us!

Saturday, 4 April 2009

The Coast is Always Changing.

...Maximo Park.

When home is good, it's great, when it's dull, it's awfull.

I wish everyday at home was like the past 2 days (minus boring today, which basically hasn't happened).

Friday, 3 April 2009

Women's Needs...

...The Cribs

...When in despair, SHOP SHOP SHOP. I just can't resist, my £7 beauty.

I'm not sure how I've manged to spend so much today. First off I had to pay £16.50 for my dentist to wave his little mirror around my mouth, real off letters and numbers to the dental nurse, and ask how uni is. Fair enough this is my fault for not filling in the form so that I don't have to pay, but it was sooo ridiculously long I'd rather just pay the money! Anyway, defs need to sort that out and get a refund.
Then had 2 hours to kill before my hair appointment, which lead me trailing round all the charity shops (there are at least 10 that I counted!!), looking for a new bag since my fav one broke. Anyway, not much look in finding a replacement but I did pick up another which was quite cute, all embroidered. Then forked out for a new foundation, since leaving all my make up back in Birmingham I've been using one of my mums which is just all wrong for my complexion so it had to be done.
The to the hair dressers, she hasn't done a great lot to it, just a trim of the split ends and fringe re-shape which I might have to mess with myself. I hadn't realized just how long it's gotten either! Right now it's very hair dresser straight, so might have to jump in the shower before getting ready.

Tonight off to Jenx for my birthday celebrations with a few friends (I don't have many). Last night had 'the team' over for new series of the Inbetweeners -was GREAT. I would insert Youtube clip, however they aren't available to my country....yeah that's right a UK programme is not available to UK viewers...wankers.
Also yesterday went for a trip to the seaside, with my good friends AJay and Linzi, we had an ice cream, a paddle in the sea, a walk along the pier and then for a smoothie. Pictures still to come :)

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Brighter than sunshine


Latest £5 buy, pretty pleased with this find :)

Walking to the bus with the blue skies and warm sun was looovely.
I felt like it was time to put on my school summer dress with white frilly socks. Like we should be rounding up the local kids telling them to get their swimsuits on because the sprinkler and hose pipe was coming out. Or my grandparents were loading up the car with a picnic and the dog and we would be heading down to Brock Bottom..... Such good summer memories.
Quite a productive day, rearranged my dentist and hair appointments for Friday, and picked out my birthday present from my sister.
Currently snacking on breadsticks and humous before my dad comes to take us for tea at Nanas.