Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Wish I Stayed

...Ellie Goulding.

In the past 2 weeks I have lived 24/7 with my 2 best friends.

We road tripped and bathed in Lake Ontario, drenched ourselves in the Maid of the Mist, danced in the sand, canoed around a peaceful Pleasant Bay, went OTT on food and cupcakes, scoured the shops for bargains, tested various Megabus sleeping positions, lived on Broadway, people watched in Washington Square Park, narrowly avoided paddling in the Hudson River, loitered on Brooklyn street corners, threw a wild underage hostel party, befriended a half naked frenchman, attended our first Jewish frat house kegger and topped it off with a sunset view from the CN tower.
Also met many lovely lovely people, and between us took ALOT of photos.

But for now you (and I) will have to wait to see them. Having now been awake 32hours I seem to have simply skipped a nights sleep and am still wide awake on Canadian time, sitting for the final time in my Birmingham room. The walls are bare, the floor is littered with various boxes and bags that I've thrown my things into ready to haul them up the road tomorrow to the new house.

Toronto & New York however... I will be back.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Gottfried Salzmann

Found as a result of wandering round Soho art galleries. We fell in love with this and a great many other things in New York.

Aims for the rest of the summer: be inspired.

Friday, 12 June 2009

Feeling Better

...The Teenagers.

You now have scope to be both practical and constructive, and to make sure things are more settled on the home front. You have the endurance to survive any small knocks that come your way, but there is a slight warning that you could receive minor injuries if you are too committed to sporting activities or areas of significant risk.

...would we class flying as a significant risk these days?

Just got home from my exam and a quick Pimms to celebrate the end of 2nd year! But no time to hang out and BBQ with everyone, as I have to PACKK!

I think I've got out everything I want to take, and I know there's MORE than enough to last, but I still feel like there should be so much more =/
Shoes...Yes I do still need to cut down...I probably wont.
Camera batteries are all on charge, then I have the Canon manual to sift though, figuring out how to change it from Japanese back to English. Thanks Fleet, much appreciated.

Thursday, 11 June 2009


...Marina & the Diamonds.

The women I wish I were. The clothes I wish I owned. The photos I wish I could take & the make up I wish I could paint.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Rubber Lover

...Marmaduke Duke.

So good. Like Biffy, but with more of an inclination to dance.
Would quite like to see at Leeds this year if I get chance... along with Metric, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Florence and Little Boots. All of whom I can do with without on the condition of seeing JACK'S MANNEQUIN.
It's fate that the day they're added, I check to find I've been accepted to work there along with Camp Bestival, through DC. Suppose I can't be too picky then. Should be good as Beckie's doing it too, knowing my luck it'll probably rain and I'll get stuck with night shifts =/ eeek!

Still, it means guaranteed work and money, meaning I don't have to go through that tedious task of trailing around town handing out CV's only to hear nothing and end up back at my old job, with one 4 hr shift a week - which was my situation last year.

At least I will have a purpose to my life once returning from Canada, this summer is finally falling into place :) Fingers crossed the Cornwall break will also go ahead!

Just got back from seeing Drag Me To Hell. Eugh, another mistake on our part. Feel better knowing it was another 2 for 1 deal, split 3 ways. We all watched most of it through our hands, at one point almost bashing heads as we cowered away from the screen. I just do not like horror films, may have to watch a cute fluffy film before bed.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Honest Mistake.


A mistake we make every time we go to dinner.

2 for 1 on the cocktails at Island Bar, so naturally decided to go for 4 each. Emerald City, Bramble, Aunt Jimmy's Lemonade and Boston Sour. Yum-mee.
Zizzi's was full, so went to Red Peppers for food. Why oh why we thought we'd need garlic bread AND nachos for a starter, followed by a margarita each, I do not know. All that cheese will not do any favors for wearing a bikini. So so full, none of us could finish. V.glad we chose the cheapest thing on the menu.
And then like the old women we are, we've all hurried (waddled) home to go to bed, after our wild night. Tomorrow looks to be even CRAZIER.

American Love...

...Jack's Mannequin

I think I have found my playlist for the journey. Will keep me wide awake and daydreaming until I find time to sleep.
I love it before I've even set off. I cannot wait. Today changed some money - even that is more beautiful, I want to frame it rather than spend it.

Another beautiful pair of shoes to add to my selection of chosen ones. So far narrowed down to 10. Capsule wardrobe is definitely not an idea which I support. But seriously, yes I do need to eliminate a few pairs. Do I really need 3 pairs of ballet pumps, how many slightly-nicer-than-day sandals will I really wear, how many times have I worn my Fred Perrys this summer, but surely I'll need a practical pair? I have limited myself to one pair of heels though, bravo bravo.

Oh and I ordered these at the weekend, they were sent 2nd class, 5-7 working days it said, I did fear I'd miss them, but then the stork dropped them on my doorstep this morning!

Going to go and make a pasta bake before my defrosted chicken goes off, must not waste. Then off to Island Bar to catch those 2 for 1s with Hannah and Jemma before going to dinner.

Sunday, 7 June 2009


Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Hard Sun

...Eddie Vedder

WOW the weather has been SO nice these past few days, and it's been like a holiday :)

SATURDAY: was shopping day, food then round town looking for holiday clothes for Beckie and stocking up on our suncreams, aftersuns and toiletries. Then in the evening drinks along the canal, starting at the Flapper and then to the Malt House, and to Snobs for a dance, losing and picking up a few people along the way, but ending up with Alex, James, Naveeta and me all going back to Alexs.

SUNDAY: Alex drove us home, another hottt day, so I decided to try and do some work in the park, but after about 20mins of reading 'A Beginners Guide to Flash' I decided it wasn't really a ready-in-the-sun kinda book, so went back for my laptop and an actual ready-book.

MONDAY: spent the day in uni attempting Flash before walking home in the sun to get ready quick before Tom & Jack arrived. Tom managed to walk himself all the way to ours from the station, whereas Jack got the bus and missed the stop by a mile, when we eventually got back to ours he'd been in about 20 minutes before having 'an accident' with the beer all over out bathroom floor. Eventually he got ready and we made our way to Island Bar where the cocktails we 2 for 1, score!
Went for a Bramble, Pina Colada and Emerald City,all lovely but there were so many more nice ones that I'll have to be going back for.
We finally left there managing to get to Gatecrasher before they stopped letting in, it was PACKED, but we made our way to the back room for a sing song and dance.

TUESDAY: Beckie's actual birthday. We took the boys to Canon Hill Park for ice creams and frisbee. Then went for a drink at the Malt House on the canal before meeting the Oscott lot and heading over to Pizza Express. Decided to go for a Margaretta with a difference, ie. it had a hole in the middle which was filled with salad. It was the 30% less calories which attracted me...clearly its just 30% less pizza. A good night other than the usual harassment from Screech... Oh dear.

And today the holiday is over and weather is turning grey all ready for Jam & Jens birthday on friday BBQ :(
On the work front I have 10/12 photos printed, and Flash is going well so far, looks like I will actually have a functioning game to hand in - YESS!

Gosh, I thought I'd been doing well with less long boring posts =/ Apparently not.