Monday, 21 September 2009

Here we go agian...

...Pixie Lott.
The kinda thing I really shouldn't like...but kinda do when I'm dancing about my room.

That is, the small floor space which I'm slowly managing to clear as I find homes in my room for all of my useless stuff. Just 'stuff'. So far I'm doing better than I thought so snaps for me.
Being fully moved back into my B'ham house I'm keeping busy getting all the little things ticked off my to do list.
We now have a home phone - tick
Virgin have taken back the free channels, no more the Hills - BOO.
CV's handed out, first interview tomorrow - double tick
Negotiated paying bills, no need to worry about debt collectors - tick
Tickets for tonights Hawaiian night purchased - tick, can't wait!
Fixed zips on latest steals purchases - tickk
Great buy for next spring, cream linen playsuit, miss selfridge (top half not a million miles from that Charlotte Ronson one piece in my last post) - ticck
New issue of Lula - tickkkk. (A sign to sway me in the direction of what I've been pondering in terms of a drastic change in appearance?)

I still seem to be putting off the task of sorting out my options for this term. Mainly due to the fact that I know what the result will be, I don't want to ruin my averagely good mood.

Good news is also that my Nana's old camera has still got it, despite the broken light meter.
Lulworth & Camp Bestival (which I still have not been paid for.)

Note. why oh why am I looking so awful and listening to such shit. NOT a good time for people to come a knocking.

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