Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Dust on the ground

...Bombay Bicycle Club

Playing in Birmingham tonight, however due to still no loan and no wages I am not there. Boo.

So freshers is over and classes have officially restarted. Timetable is now sorted which is good, meaning I'm still taking photography and web & new media. Looks like there's going to be ALOT of work which may take some getting used to. It hasn't yet set in that I will actually have to start the tasks we've been set, first up are the readings from monday which I'll be making a start on before I settle back to my usual spot in front of the TV.

Both practical classes are also having us start blogs, so here we go (have yet to do much with either).
1. Collabarative web & new media blog
2. Photoblog.

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