Saturday, 28 March 2009

We Drink On the Job.


NO UNI FOR 3 WEEKS!! Yessss!
(...however 1000 word literature review to write over Easter, good times eh.)

Last night went to definitely the most packed house party I've ever attended, kitchen = Leeds fest Duracell tent. Crazy amount of people, but all equaled to a good night I'd say. Decided to crash at Hotel de la Alex & Jaime to save on taxi fair, and was treated to a round of pancakes and ER this morning :)

Now back in my bed with wet hair about to book my coach back to Blackpool tomorrow, and will attempt to organize my room and pack, always a mission. The sun has finally popped out and is beaming in my window, making me feel happppyy, although I do feel I should be doing something more productive. I want to go to the cinema and see Duplicity, but everyone appears to be heading home, booo!

That is all.

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