Wednesday, 11 March 2009

From The Stars...

...White Lies. Good album.

Thankfully I have managed to get a certain downloading programme to work again, which means new additions to my itunes, awesoomme.

I've also re-visited that occasional realisation I sometimes get that I'm on the wrong career path. I want to be an Astronomer. If only I'd realised these things sooner and chosen wisely at A-Level. Could have been an astronomer, astronaut, volcano studier person... the list goes on. I just want to do something useful that could in some teeny teeny tiny way potentially have an impact on lives. Ahhhhh well.

A few things I forgot to write last time...

Tootsie Roll. Ahhhh my dear forgein friend. Finally tucked into my Christmas stash recently (yes, yes bravo to me managing to keep chocolate this long....note to self I still have a box of unopened maltesers...ooooo!). Anyhow, this is a vanilla bag of mini tootsies, which at first, I'll be honest, I was a bit wary of, but once I got started I just kept chewing away through most of the bag in 2 days! Eek need to slow it down since I'll have to survive till June for my next installment. I Can't wait. I would have bought some online if it weren't for stuuuupid Amazon not accepting my debit card. BOOO.

I also watched another episode of Brothers and Sisters the other night, on surfthechannel of course, nicely ahead of what's being shown here. One of my dear favourite shows, anyway this episode saw the introduction of the latest illegitimate child, Ryan. He was only in it for the last minute, but phwoooar. And I'm not one of those girls that's particularly over the top with 'OH EM GEE he's so fittt', but wooow. I think my jaw actually dropped. Look forward to seeing where this storyline will be going.

Speaking of TV, my friend Rich earlier informed me that he read somewhere that George Clooney's coming back for 3 episode of ER! THREE! I can only pray that this is true. I'm in love with ER and will most definitely cry when it ends.

In other news looks like I have work placement at a photography studio near me for over the Easter break which is goooood news :) Luckily we have the studio booked out Friday morning at uni so I can have a play and won't look like a complete spaz when I don't quite actually know what I'm doing.

I'm sure there was other things to say but they seem to have escaped me. Back to my reading on remediation, 16 pages left and then 300 words to write. Not that much but I'm all tired. Tomorrow the hunt for gold leggins and gold body paint will commence, this time next week I shall be the centre of our solar system.

Night bloggy blog

p.s. gosh I write too much.
p.p.s. Tonight I'm missing two gigs I very much wanted to go to. One being Snow Patrol, yeah I don't care that people slag them off, I like them. Secondly and which I am especially angry at myself for not knowing about and getting tickets to when they came out, is Jack's Mannequin in Manchester. One of my absolute favourite bands, I cannot describe how much I love them and how amazing I can feel listening to them. Hence how completly gutted I was to realise they were playing only 2 shows here and I'd missed out on getting tickets. Oh well, must not dwell on this, only making myself more annoyed.

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  1. Geeesh I've had to refresh your page like 20 times just to see the comment box.

    YOU said AWSOME!
    Im pretty sure that's not northern dialect either Alexandra Jones.

    Anyway Im so so so so s excited about your visit!
    Tell Screbeckie to start blogging so I can hear her wonderful tunes.