Sunday, 22 March 2009

To Twitter or not to Twitter? (... Mirror Error)

...The Faint.

I now have a Twitter account.

My reasoning for this is as follows...

Browsing the past few days of Media Guardian articles along with various bits of coverage from SXSWi, in the hope of finding inspiration for this semester's theory research report, I realise there is an awful lot about Twitter. Now whilst very few of my friends use it I'm well aware plenty of people do, and so even though I have no intention to get stuck in with Twittering right now, I must prepare for the inevitability that soon enough it will catch up with me, and by then any user names remotely close to my name with will be gone, and so I have decided to snatch one up while I still can. Selfish yes, but practical.

Oh and also, I already have a problem with Twitter. It did the whole search my contacts for other users, as it turns out there were only two results, one of whom isn't actually on my contact list, yet it automatically added them to my following list. I thought this abit wrong since I didn't say yes I want to follow that person, being that I don't even know them. RUUUDE.
So now I appear to have 2 automatic followers and I am following no one. I know this is not proper twittiquete, apparently there is alot to learn here.

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