Friday, 20 March 2009

Veiled in Grey

...Mystery Jets.

So it's been a few days since my last post, had work in today which is one more thing out of the way :) I've spent the past few days kidding myself that I've been working on it, yet I find myself sat in the radio rooms this morning typing the whole thing up to get it in for 3. Will I never learn?

So Space Carnage has been and gone, on the whole I'd say a pretty good night. Unfortunately none of my grand outfit plans really followed through, and so I ended up as just a silver being, with my face painted silver. This is something which, like most, I imagined to look much better in my head. Thankfully I managed to rope my friend Alex into doing the same, so I was not alone in my Tinman-esk looking outfit. I have to say though, a good effort to my dear friend Beckie with her Darlek costume. She made herself a cardboard skirt, spray painted a colander, attached a torch and wore this on her head, along with a plunger and whisk taped to each arm. Definitely the best effort I saw all night (y).

After a nice little stroll around town in the sun this afternoon with Alex and Jaime, and treating myself to a full price item in H&M (alright it was only £7.99, but this is a very rare thing for me), I've now just finished watching the latest ER on 4OD. I did feel a little lonely being the only person home, until everyone came round and are now drinking downstairs and then I realised that I was enjoying being by myself. I know I should really go and socialize, but I'm just not in the mood for a sitting in a group situation and not actually contributing anything. And so for now I'm happy to be anti-social and sit back for last night's episode of Skins, back on good old 4OD :)


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