Thursday, 26 March 2009


...Great Northern.

We FINALLY have the contract signed for our house next year :) Mr.H was 'sorry from the bottom of his heart' for taking so long...I bet.
Will miss my huge room, I've gotten far too used to having so much space to wander around in. But it's such a homely house...all the way up the road. I hope my memory isn't building it up to be better than it was.

5/6 images edited and printed ready to hand in hopefully tomorrow, just one more stupid product shot to decide on. Portraits printed fine, product fine, fashion ones on the other hand have some out far more blue than they're supposed to be. They just look like they're under the sea. Oh dear.
Progress of Friday's presentation....slow. Game prototype... at doodle stage. I'm thinking more screen shots than prototype now.

Must get some sleep, I keep sub consciously putting my alarm on snooze until it runs out of snoozes, and by then I'm asleep again and wake up mega late. Uh oooh.


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