Monday, 16 March 2009

Kiss With a Fist

...Florence and the Machine.
Also love the Hospital Beds cover.

I cannot wait for the new series of this.

There's not much that actually makes me laugh out loud on television. I first watched this alone in my room and could not stop laughing. Quality.

Today has been such nice weather, I even took my coat off walking around town. Saturday I saw my first blossom so far this year, we made a visit to Highbury Park, originally we'd intended to go to Edgbaston Park, however we couldn't find the entrance, despite driving around it a few times. But Highbury was nice, we took a mini picnic and came up with the idea of picnic parties once it get nicer, I'm very much looking forward to this.

I also bought my very first railcard today, I've always favoured the National Express due to the guaranteed seat, and less hassle with luggage, but I thought it was about time since I plan to visit some friends in Scotland after Easter and would much rather whiz up on a train rather than a full day trip on the coach.

I hear there's a new episode of ANTM up on youtube. So far I'm gunna say so far I love Celia. I have a friend obsessed with Alison, who I also think is stunning in a slightly scary way. Anyway, on with the next episode...


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