Friday, 13 March 2009


(June 20th , TO...!? Look forward to it)

Currently sat up in bed with my fully bloomed daffodils infront of me, ahhh spring is upon us. Still waiting for blossom, then I will be happyhappy.

So, apparently Megavideo's annoying 72 minutes works on the internet connection, not my actual laptop, which I did not realise, and explains its tendancy to cut off after 1 minute rather than 72 when someone else has been watching things. Gaaaah. Still I just managed to get through a whole episode without interuptions, however ended up being a least 6/7 out of sync which is very annoying.

Have also just noticed facebook's latest re-vamp. Hideous. Just hideous. They seem to have taken a step back rather than forward, this new layout is in no way more useful. Eugh. Full of status updates, curvy corners and 'highlighted' stories from people I have absolutely no interest in.
Oh how I hate change.
Also currently listening to a bit of this new Metric, I see this new funny looking player. There's nothing wrong with it, I guess after forgetting a little about MySpace, it didn't occur to me that things would still be changing. I do not like how they've tried to move with FB trends with all the new additions to the homepage, it just looses the point of having different accounts if all these sites try to do exactly the same things. This is hypocritical seeing that I now I have a blog, flickr and, dispite that I could easily have documented all these things on a FB / MySpace profile. I just luuurve having things to distract me :)
Ah at laast I have yet to venture into the land of Second Life. Ha. I have every intention to, if only to look from a researchers perspective. We were given an interesting reading last week on an ethnographical study carried out in Second Life community... it all sounds very very stange.

On the topic of Myspace, I guess I should end by popping this in, as it is what encouraged my last login...
My good friend Jack's new band. Not bad for a few demos I'd say.


  1. hahaha you beat me to blog about jacks band, hope he appreciates our writing skillzz lol

    anyway jacks mannequin AND the fray, pre-tickets come out on the 19th and range from 30-55 dolla! and metric is i think 30 dollars, but its a full day in a park with looooads of other bands so i think it would be reallllly fun.

    I can afford it if you can!?
    Still gives us like 11 days toronto, 2/3/ days new york!
    getting so excited now
    and sorry this is becoming a blood blog comment in itself but...not long now at all!

  2. ...whats a blood blog comment, gotta remember Im all new to this, don't use fancy jargon on me lol

    Course I can afford it, my mums giving me a stupid amount of spending money after she did the same for my sister when she went to NY.