Tuesday, 10 March 2009

First Post! ...Evening, Morning

After creating this a few weeks ago, I have still yet to start writing, soooo...here we go.

I'm not yet sure what the purpose of this blog will be. Probably more along the lines of me just wittering on about my life and things I like, so I don't anticipate that it'll attract many ( slash any) followers, which is fiiine by me, I'm well aware how un-interesting I can be.

My aims for today were to get up at a reasonable hour, make a start on this week's Digital Cultures reading, come up with a game idea for Interactive Promotion... first aim failed, woke at half 9, thought this was too early, feel back to sleep, re-woke half 11, lay about, searched google for silver/gold leggins and body paint (new idea sprung to mind for space themed Carnage was the sun and moon...we shall see), annnd then got up.
Since then, I'v made myself a sandwhich and created a Flickr account. Thought it might be a good idea, since I've yet to create myself a website (the main difficulty I face is my lack of knowledge as to how to acctually upload my first page - arr). So far I've only uploaded 23 of my images, need to organise the others and edit a few before I upload.

First set can be found on Flickr here >> http://www.flickr.com/photos/alex-jones/sets/72157615067457126/

So I guess we can say that this has been slightly productive, at least now I have some where to link people to to see my work. Yes. Very productive move indeed.

Now to work on getting work experience, first stop meeting for student magazine later today, not sure if they'll have a place for none-writters, but it's worth a shot.

Also expecting a visit from the ever reliable Mr H, who was supposed to be round last night with the contracts for our new house, he was also supposed to be round last tuesday... and last monday...so whether or not he'll turn up today is anyone's guess. He's a funny little man, sits in our front room and says 'I really like you guys... I think of you as my family', as we all refrain from smirking and wondering just how other many people he's said that too. He must have one big family.

Anyway, must get make myself look presentable before leaving the house.

CURRENTLY LOVING: Evening, Morning by Bombay Bicylce Club


  1. YAY you're my blogging buddy :)

    yay yay yay yay yay

    love you

  2. p.s. i love the currently loving part, it can keep me up to date with the uk music scene

  3. Ha good luck, i usually get round to hearing things a few months after they're cool lol

    Just on a download spree atm so we'll see lol