Monday, 22 February 2010


...Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros.
As recommended by Miss Warren, tis just great.

So I realised I've not posted in a while. Seem to have been quite busy, but with very little to show for it. As usual.

This past weekend I went to York where my Dad had booked an apartment for my Nana's birthday, which overlooked the river and was right across from the city center. I'd forgotten how nice York is, it's been quite a while since I last visited, and as an embarrassed girl guide marching around in a long line of pairs, I don't think I really appreciated it then anyway. The shops really are the cutest in any city I've ever been, each street is crammed with cobbles and tipsy squiffy buildings what have seen every era we learnt about in history class, all the way from Viking times through to the middle ages, Tudors and Victorians, and unlike most cities -ahem Birmingham- York has preserved as much of it as possible.
History aside, the shops are just great, within 10minutes of leaving the train I found myself outside Cath Kidston and Jack wills, ahh just fabulous! Although I was only a window shoppper for the majority, I did treat myself to a dear little tea strainer shaped like a mini teapot - complete with a mini dish to pop it on (I say treated, I mean treated by my father). This obviously meant I felt the need to stock up on loose tea at Whittards. Darjeeling, Acai & Goji berry and White Pomegranate tea. Yummee.
Also took Diana with me, still have yet to quite figure out what I'm doing, plus that I forgot what half the settings meant, so am sure her first film will be rather hit and miss.
Hmmm what else. It snowed, again! Meaning everyone left early Sunday morning for fear of getting stuck driving home, leaving me to explore the city a bit more on my own. I wandered aimlessly around in the snow looking for my tea, bopping in and out of charity shops. I think the combination of snowy weather plus it being Sunday morning made people want to stay at home, but it was really quite peaceful out around the Minster, all quiet and dusted with white. Just lovely.

Okay I'm now going to have a look at my methodology, making no promises to finish it, since clearly that approach isn't working for me. Have found myself in exactly the same work position as this time last week, oh geeeez I need some structure.

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