Monday, 8 February 2010

L.E.S. Artistes


Soo today has been another productive day. Meeting this morning led to us acquiring free tickets to Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake on Wednesday, which is absolutely brill and very exciting since I've never been to the ballet before :)

Then we gave up on the work, went for lunch at Bella Italia before heading over to the Bridget Riley exhibition. Have to say I'm not as mega into this style of modern art, although I can see there's an awful lot of work gone into the shape and illusions created by her work. I find myself more impressed at the neatness and managing to paint sooo many lines, whereas I would get bored after the first few. I think I just relate art to my own capabilities and taste, so I'm more impressed by really fine art or something more expressionist. That said I really liked her pieces like this one, mainly because yes I like the colours, but also I'm a bit more drawn to the flow and shapes, a little more interesting than blocks and lines.

Also had a little look at the Clare Rojas and João Maria Gusmão & Pedro Paiva exhibitions on at the Ikon.
I quite liked Clare Rojas' work, again because I was just SO impressed with her painting in the lines skills, but it also had a bit more imagination to it. I think that takes a bit more skill to conjure up these patterns and scenes, which again I can admire because it's not something I've ever been good at. Also, her pieces ranged from covering whole walls, to smaller detailed animals, and patchwork pieces, which of course had me all 'ooooo that's pretty', like it's something I would pop on my wall.

The other exhibition, by João Maria Gusmão & Pedro Paiva were silent video installations. I think these kinda freak me out, in the pitch black room, with just these strange images flickering away. This kinda art is definitely something you need to 'get', and I just don't. Like, I can appreciate some of them, and I did genuinely get drawn into watching them, waiting for something to happen. And then you remember, this ain't a block buster movie, nothing is ever actually going to happen. It's going to end, and then loop round again. All this said, I didn't dislike them, I'm just not artsy enough to understand them. And there was one that was quite interesting. It involved a man falling on the floor.

Anyway. That was a boring read I'm sure. I'm actually really tired, thought about taking a nap and then thought NO I'll make myself stay awake, and hopppefully fall straight asleep at real bedtime, rather than lie awake until 3am.

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