Monday, 1 February 2010

Heart Skipped a Beat

... The xx

Sooo thought I might as well post something, in the hope that I'll type a load and get my fingers used to it, and make them want to carry on and type type away at my dissertation, which btw has hit a rock. A big gray lifeless rock. Eugh.
Thought if I got myself comfortable and warm that would take my mind away from being uncomfortable and cold, leaving lots of thinking space for writing. Apparently not, because that was 6 and a half hours ago and I've got 1 more quote to add. There is no winning.

Needless to say that's 2 points on my list of things I was meant to do last week, which have yet to be achieved.
Did give blood though, which I love. Having a dull meaningless life, it makes me feel like I'm doing something that matters a wee bit. Finaaally ordered a replacement drivers license, making sure to tick organ donation (again, just to be safe), but not my eyes, because I still feel a bit strange about that.
Council tax, sorttted. Although did receive a court summons the other day, so should probably call them to make sure that we do not owe £800+, because that would not be cool.
In my one library visit (another failed dissertation attempt), after an hour or so of staring at and fiddling with my dried, knotty split ends, I decided to book a hair appointment. Another over priced visit, which I generally dread. I'm not sure if it's because I booked it on a whim, or I've simply become numb to the distress of hair cuts, but I'm still just not sure it was a great idea. I thought I wanted to get rid of the scratty long bits at the end, and I'm sure I did, but I now remember that I grew it so long to distract from how boring and fluffy the top half gets. Plus I didn't ask for anything exciting with my fringe, which means that's just really long and boring too, and I can't actually be bothered to put rollers in it every day. Pfff oh well.

Sherree and I took a bus ride to Kings Heath on Saturday out of our sheer boredom. Did the whole bunch of charity shops on the high street, managed to ignore and resist all of those garments made of nice prints that were too big and I would never have fixed, and returned with just one cream cardi with pastel beady bits on. Lovely. :)
We also stumbled up to a cute little alleyway cluttered with garden furniture and other decorative gardeny things, which also had a garden shop and cafe tucked away at the back. We sat there sipping our tea and iced tea, me with my potato and watercress soup, Sherree with her ham hock sandwich, admiring our matureness and wondering why we'd never ventured further than the high street before.
Saturday night however, we went to Snobs. Loves it, they never fail to play a few great hits, which we unashamedly dance and sing our hearts out to.

This week;
- DO finish lit review and methodology
- Proposal writing and meeting for Trinket Creative (has me way distracted browsing for fonts)
- Potential visit from the mother. Could maybe get her to take some of my unwanted crap home to it unclutters my room a bit
- Maybe paint something. Provided point 1 gets finished
- Book train to York for Nana's birthday

...Okay so this week has the potential to be lifeless. The joy of February. Which, I have decided is definitely one of the more crappy months, all the nice bits of winter have long gone, summer is still so far off, it's still cold and windy, I'm getting bored of wearing so many layers, I want to wear my new summer dresses, and all there is to supposedly jazz it up is valentines day. Which I will be spending with Sherree, again. Yaayz.

I have no pictures to make this loooong post more interesting. Sozz.
But here's what my face looks like when on the odd occasion, someone just comes out with something unexpected and nice... :)

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