Sunday, 14 February 2010

Since your in love

...Jesse Malin

When I was 8 I received a card on Valentines day, I was quiet a shy child, and so when I opened my desk to find it lying there I was more embarrassed than flattered. Without really thinking I screwed it up and slid it into the bin before anyone saw. Later that day the boy who sat next to me fished it out and held it out to me asking if I wanted it back, again I was too concerned at the embarrassment, so I hurriedly told him that no I did not want it, and to put it back. He looked a bit hurt. The card was handmade with glitter and really very cute. It must have taken him ages.
Well now I'm 20, and pretty sure that karma has a large part to play in my lack of cards ever since. 8 year old me may well have kept that card if she'd have known it would be the last one she'd be receiving.

Today is definitely a day to be spent with friends and alcohol.

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  1. ergh bloody blogs, I am messing up your blog! sorry! Anyway, if I had known this would defs have made you a big ass card. You did kinda have a valentines in the end... xxx