Friday, 12 March 2010

Away Frm U

...Oberhofer, for the none spotifyers

Hello dedicated reader(s?), this might be a big(ish) one since I haven't posted anything thing in agggges. Would like to say I have tones to show for this, but no, no I do not. Keep not posting because I think I have more important things to be doing them, but then I don't get those done either. But since I can't do anything until I've freed up enough space on my hard drive for files to open, and enough emails for my inbox to start sending again, I thought I may as well post.

So since my trip to York which was aggges ago, I had a visit from my sister, Tom and Jack. Usual events occurred, Jack got lost, we had a few drinks, ate a lottt of food, watched films and were really lazy.
Last weekend I then want to Manchester. My sister and I made mousakka, she's in first year so was kinda weird being in halls again, afraid to use anything in the kitchen without witnessing it being washed first and tiptoeing in and out of the teeny showers. Ahh freshers. Also weird hearing everyone with broad Northern accents, as oppose to everyone here where North goes as far as Stoke, and anything above is pretty much foregin.
Friday night was Passion Pit who were supported by Ellie Goulding. I tried to take pictures, but my camera is shitty so I failed. This is Passion Pit. This is the only picture I took that was in focus. BRAVO ME.

Saturday I spent the day with Ajay, Kerry and Phil, most of which we spent deciding what to have for tea and where to buy it. Over the years we have perfected the art of making an easy task very complex. Also visited the art museum, where we had great fun playing with coloured plastic tubes, making a landscape.
Sunday a quick shop and late lunch in Weatherspoons with Tom and Kerry before returning to B'ham.

So this weekend is the first one I've had on my own in quite a while, making saturday ALEX day. Great stuff.

Also had our first attempt at dying my sister's hair usuing hemp, which has a nice muddy/pooy/pesto consistency. So her hair is now orangey/reddy/brown, making me want to do something with mine. So I'm going for 1 of my two desired hair colours, a pinky tinge. Inspired by Kirsten Dunst in Marie Antoinette, Gaga and Rachel McAdams. Mine is not quite as great of course, but I'm working on it.

Knowing my now not so regular posting pattern, I will leave you with some good songs to make up for the recent lack, and probably future lack.

This is another great from Wolfgang.

Wolf Gang, "Back To Back"

Fyfe Dangerfield When you walk in the room. Another Neon Gold link. Spotify is being pretty neglected atm.

And finally, I am weirdly obsessed with this song. Like, a lot.

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