Sunday, 7 February 2010

Sick Muse


I don't know if I'm cursed or stupid or un-nurturing or what, but I seem to have a tragic inability to look after plants. My peace lily is sitting on the windowsill behind me, I moved it to the kitchen a few months ago because I thought maybe it was needing a bit more light, but now I think it's just dead. It's poor limp yellowy brown, with a hint of green, leaves are merely hanging on to their former glory.

Sensing the end was nigh a long time ago (really should have put it out of it's misery by now), I bought a hyacinth bulb a few months ago, which had been in dark isolation ever since, until I spotted its shiny green shoot and blooming flower and decided to take it out. That was a couple of weeks ago. The flower has since shrunk back into the shoot, and I'm pretty sure it's now dried up past the point of revival.

Oooooooh. It's things like this that make me think I should never get a cat.

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