Thursday, 3 September 2009

Drumming Song


Who I managed to hear while standing in the rain & wind on my post by the taxi rank at Leeds (5 layers + holey wellies). Luckily inbetween standing around waving and screaming at taxis who refused to follow the 'no left turn' order, I did make the ordeal very worthwhile by seeing some great sets. Top of the list of course were Metric, my first time seeing them and they did not disappoint, Emily looking great as usual in this beautiful sequin number...

Closely followed by White lies and Bombay Bicycle Club who were equally great. I also took a break to see Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but was ever so slightly disappointed, mainly due to the strange and hideous outfit choice from Karen O. I know I know if anyone could get away with it, she could, and it's her style etc etc, but personally I am not a fan. At all. Would post a picture but I can't find one and by this point in the weekend I'd already had my bag stolen - along with phone, camera, purse & waterproof. This means I am phoneless until I can find an old one and afford a replacement, despite finding 5 phones in my sisters room not one of them will turn on - boo!

Of course there was also the marvelous Jack's Mannequin, both at Leeds and Manchester Academy on tuesday night which was both a present to myself and my sister for her 18th Birthday. Andrew McMahon also played Punk Rock Princess without the rest of the band which was looovely and much to the joy of the 2 large sweaty guys next to us clutching each other clearly living out their Something Corporate dream. It's been a while since I've had to do the long run along Oxford road to catch the last train - I think that counts as a great deal of exercise for this week and so I find it quite alright to have been snacking on chocolate brownies and biscuits all week :)

Since then I have been sewing, seeing good friends, making a trip to the hospital for poor deflated lung Jack, and tomorrow is baking day. I can't wait. I may even make a pizza today and carry on with my tapestry. It's going to take a while - so far have done very little which has taken me 5 films and 3 episodes of One Tree Hill.

Eugh stupid long boring post. Sozz.

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