Thursday, 10 September 2009

Sweet Disposition.

...The Temper Trap.
Giving me a bit of an uncomfortable feeling of dread in my stomach. That 4music ad. Festivals. Summer. A reminder that it's all over. Seasons are too short.

After living quite happily without a mobile for the past couple of weeks, I've resigned to the fact that it's easier if I have one and without one I am wasting £20 a month, and so I now have 2. One is one of my sisters many faulty phones which is a scuffed up version of my old phone and has a tendency to cut out letters. The other used to be my grandads, basic but quite cute and I'm liking the novelty of finally having a flippy phone to casually flip open and close when calling, SO cool. I just can't stop flip flipping.
It also has a nice selection of classic novelty jazzy ringtones - all hideous, the sort which make you want to answer your phone really quick to avoid annoying nearby members of the public. After narrowing it down it was a toss up between 'birds' (tweeting birds, obv), 'space 2' (what I'd imagine could potentially make the shortlist for a sci-fi soundtrack, space ship lift off) and 'cat' (a wailing cat). I went for 'cat'.
I can't wait for someone to call... I might be waiting a while.

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