Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Rubber Lover

...Marmaduke Duke.

So good. Like Biffy, but with more of an inclination to dance.
Would quite like to see at Leeds this year if I get chance... along with Metric, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Florence and Little Boots. All of whom I can do with without on the condition of seeing JACK'S MANNEQUIN.
It's fate that the day they're added, I check to find I've been accepted to work there along with Camp Bestival, through DC. Suppose I can't be too picky then. Should be good as Beckie's doing it too, knowing my luck it'll probably rain and I'll get stuck with night shifts =/ eeek!

Still, it means guaranteed work and money, meaning I don't have to go through that tedious task of trailing around town handing out CV's only to hear nothing and end up back at my old job, with one 4 hr shift a week - which was my situation last year.

At least I will have a purpose to my life once returning from Canada, this summer is finally falling into place :) Fingers crossed the Cornwall break will also go ahead!

Just got back from seeing Drag Me To Hell. Eugh, another mistake on our part. Feel better knowing it was another 2 for 1 deal, split 3 ways. We all watched most of it through our hands, at one point almost bashing heads as we cowered away from the screen. I just do not like horror films, may have to watch a cute fluffy film before bed.

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