Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Honest Mistake.


A mistake we make every time we go to dinner.

2 for 1 on the cocktails at Island Bar, so naturally decided to go for 4 each. Emerald City, Bramble, Aunt Jimmy's Lemonade and Boston Sour. Yum-mee.
Zizzi's was full, so went to Red Peppers for food. Why oh why we thought we'd need garlic bread AND nachos for a starter, followed by a margarita each, I do not know. All that cheese will not do any favors for wearing a bikini. So so full, none of us could finish. V.glad we chose the cheapest thing on the menu.
And then like the old women we are, we've all hurried (waddled) home to go to bed, after our wild night. Tomorrow looks to be even CRAZIER.

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