Tuesday, 9 June 2009

American Love...

...Jack's Mannequin

I think I have found my playlist for the journey. Will keep me wide awake and daydreaming until I find time to sleep.
I love it before I've even set off. I cannot wait. Today changed some money - even that is more beautiful, I want to frame it rather than spend it.

Another beautiful pair of shoes to add to my selection of chosen ones. So far narrowed down to 10. Capsule wardrobe is definitely not an idea which I support. But seriously, yes I do need to eliminate a few pairs. Do I really need 3 pairs of ballet pumps, how many slightly-nicer-than-day sandals will I really wear, how many times have I worn my Fred Perrys this summer, but surely I'll need a practical pair? I have limited myself to one pair of heels though, bravo bravo.

Oh and I ordered these at the weekend, they were sent 2nd class, 5-7 working days it said, I did fear I'd miss them, but then the stork dropped them on my doorstep this morning!

Going to go and make a pasta bake before my defrosted chicken goes off, must not waste. Then off to Island Bar to catch those 2 for 1s with Hannah and Jemma before going to dinner.

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