Friday, 12 June 2009

Feeling Better

...The Teenagers.

You now have scope to be both practical and constructive, and to make sure things are more settled on the home front. You have the endurance to survive any small knocks that come your way, but there is a slight warning that you could receive minor injuries if you are too committed to sporting activities or areas of significant risk.

...would we class flying as a significant risk these days?

Just got home from my exam and a quick Pimms to celebrate the end of 2nd year! But no time to hang out and BBQ with everyone, as I have to PACKK!

I think I've got out everything I want to take, and I know there's MORE than enough to last, but I still feel like there should be so much more =/
Shoes...Yes I do still need to cut down...I probably wont.
Camera batteries are all on charge, then I have the Canon manual to sift though, figuring out how to change it from Japanese back to English. Thanks Fleet, much appreciated.

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