Friday, 3 April 2009

Women's Needs...

...The Cribs

...When in despair, SHOP SHOP SHOP. I just can't resist, my £7 beauty.

I'm not sure how I've manged to spend so much today. First off I had to pay £16.50 for my dentist to wave his little mirror around my mouth, real off letters and numbers to the dental nurse, and ask how uni is. Fair enough this is my fault for not filling in the form so that I don't have to pay, but it was sooo ridiculously long I'd rather just pay the money! Anyway, defs need to sort that out and get a refund.
Then had 2 hours to kill before my hair appointment, which lead me trailing round all the charity shops (there are at least 10 that I counted!!), looking for a new bag since my fav one broke. Anyway, not much look in finding a replacement but I did pick up another which was quite cute, all embroidered. Then forked out for a new foundation, since leaving all my make up back in Birmingham I've been using one of my mums which is just all wrong for my complexion so it had to be done.
The to the hair dressers, she hasn't done a great lot to it, just a trim of the split ends and fringe re-shape which I might have to mess with myself. I hadn't realized just how long it's gotten either! Right now it's very hair dresser straight, so might have to jump in the shower before getting ready.

Tonight off to Jenx for my birthday celebrations with a few friends (I don't have many). Last night had 'the team' over for new series of the Inbetweeners -was GREAT. I would insert Youtube clip, however they aren't available to my country....yeah that's right a UK programme is not available to UK viewers...wankers.
Also yesterday went for a trip to the seaside, with my good friends AJay and Linzi, we had an ice cream, a paddle in the sea, a walk along the pier and then for a smoothie. Pictures still to come :)

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