Monday, 13 April 2009

Bicycle Rush

... Maccabees!

I see now why people are reluctant to go with my bright ideas, which sound like fun in my head, but in reality are painful! Such pain in my knees, my poor little knees! A teeny uphill slope was much a mission that I had to take a lengthy detour through the park to avoid any more mountains (which isn't actually that much further, but when I looked on Google maps, it bumped my journey up to 4 miles each way), and while Matt goes breezing off up the prom like he's on a scooter, I'm lagging behind nearly knocking kids over. I clearly need to stop kidding myself that I'm as fit as I was 3 years ago when I went to the gym and trekked up actual mountains.

So anyway, was supposed to be meeting Jack as well, but in typical fashion he was rather late after a few 'issues' with his bike, resulting in us attempting to look for him cycling up and round the promenade numerous times and returning to Central pier just in case he showed, but no luck. And so we enjoyed a little Starbucks a wander round town (- bank holiday Monday in Blackpool, very busy!) Just as we were ready to leave, 3 hours later we finally hear from Jack who claimed to have been at Central Pier at 3 and waited half an hour - lies - and was now in St. Annes at Matts house. Dear me & LOLZ. A good day never the less, and many a lesson learned,
1. I need to work out, and
2. Mobiles were invented for a reason - charge it!

So Easter weekend over and I'm no closer to starting work, arrrr!

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