Tuesday, 28 April 2009


... Eddie Vedder
(Off of that marvelous soundtrack to a marvelous film, Into the Wild.)

I have come to the tragic realisation that I am in fact 4 years behind where I need to be and I'm far past the point of return.
And so I will carry on trudging along with what I've set myself up for and will carry on to dream while quietly searching for another way.

Aside from this I have yet again broken my own record for how much I spend on my big Asda shop, although hopefully my £70 worth of food will last me a good few weeks.

Last weekend I took a lovely (6 and a half hour) trip up to St Andrews in Scotland, where my 2 friends Hannah and Linzi are at uni. It's so unbelievably different to life in the city, whereas I walk up the road to find the 'shameless family' sat out on their plastic chairs, Hannah is a minute from the sea and quiet sandy beaches, which Kerry and I agreed is like walking in flour it's so soft.

See ^^ sea right there.
Here's a little bit of how we spent our time...

Savoring a few of the numerous cute cafes scattered around the town, Dutch Chocolate & Ferrero Roche for me yummm

Fancy cocktail bar, Cosmopolitan (left), all fruity looking, oh so misleading. Also went to a few other bars, surprisingly not so many drunken disorderlys I've become so used to living in B'ham and Blackpool. Also went to the student union which is apparently as close as they get to a nightclub, really a far cry from Gatecrasher nights out.

Playing in the flour sand and watching people playing various sports, wishing we were athletic and dreaming up our perfect boyfriends

And of course there was plenty of pretty pretty blossom making the town look ever more picturesque. I took plenty more photos, which I was intending to use in my editorial photography assignment for travel photography, however I fear I may have been swept up with all the other tourists snapping away at all the scenic areas, so there may not actually be much I can use... we shall seee.

In other news I did manage to spend the majority of my 5hour train journeys cropping and resizing images and building bits of my website, just have to figure out how to actually upload it to the web... so simple i'm sure.

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