Monday, 4 May 2009

The start of something


So. Friday we went to GATECRASSSHER (again), Radio 1's Zane Lowe was DJing so needless to say it was PACKED, had to que for ages despite pre booking tickets. Anyway was a good night, unlike other guest DJ sets, ie. pigeon detectives, he actually did a good job and did a proper set, as you'd expect.

Saturday Beckie, Alex, Siobban and I had a lil BBQ in the back garden, chicken kebabs yummm! Shall be the start of many more to come we hope as the weather gets better. Me and Beckie then tried making a recipe I found in the cooking section of some magazine, they were little chocolate things in the shape of eggs... very pretty. However in typical fashion we did something wrong and they looked more like squishy elephant droppings =/ I blame the 100g of fattyfatty butter we used (as instructed), next time less is definitely more. As with anything containing mountains of chocolate and golden syrup, they still tasted gooood.

Since then I have made and eaten food, and gotten awfully distracted online instead of concentrating on work. Today is no different...

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