Wednesday, 6 May 2009

By the Monument

...Maxïmo Park

Oh dear oh dear, that time again, half way through the day and little progress on the work front.

Yesterday I went for my first jog in Birmingham, yes yes I did indeed. We went through Canon Hill park and beyond, finally finding a few perfect picnic spots with a stream and everything :)

Also ended up at the Rainbow for Naked Lunch and then to the BCU Warehouse party last night, safe to say it was not the most successful of events, so much so that we left after half an hour, thank godness for DJ plus 1's resulting in me not having to pay :) pheeew!

For the first time in ages the sun didn't wake me up this morning, so I had an undeserved lie in, and then spent a good few hours trying to use my Paypal account to purchase a camera off eBay. After much entering and re-entering bank details, trying and failing to login to my internet banking account, ringing for telephone banking, and much stressing, it finally decided to work and I appear to have purchased a Canon 450d + lens + Macro + SD card + bag, for considerably less than I would have in a shop! Fingers crossed it all worked right and there's been no big mix up, just have to hope and wait for it to arrive, eeek! My first actual eBay purchase, perhaps the beginning of something new?

OK, so now will continue to munch through a months worth of cheese & cracker allowance, and try and start some worrrrk!

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  1. Wow, I didn't know you had a blog. I had no idea you had so much to say lol... x