Friday, 29 May 2009

The Sound of Settling

...Death Cab for Cutie

3 assignments handed in today, meaning only 2 left to be in next friday and then a teeny tiny exam and I will be freee! I can see the light and it looks a lot like summer sun!
And to celebrate in the lovely weather we've been having of late, we headed over to Hare of the Dog for a nice relaxing drink. I am definitely PRO PIMMS. Yummy, will be stocking up on tomorrows Morrisons shop, along with lots of fruit to make it all that more exotic.

And now after all that sitting in the sun and cooking burgers on the barbie, I'm all tired and ready for bed. An early start tomorrow considering it's Saturday, decided to make a start on shopping ready for our Canadian adventure, and will follow with drinks on the canal and a well deserved night out. Should be much fun.
Desperate Housewives before bed I think.


  1. thats hilarious, i was just about to post a picture of sangria on my wall!
    awwww i wish i was with you guys right now, sounds like you're having fun,can't wait....3 weeks!

  2. 3 weeks? wroooong! it's now 2 short weeks until we shall be sipping our pimms and sangrias together and I for one cannot chuffin wait :D