Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Skippin' Town

...The Drums

As usual my lack of efficiency has meant that I forgot to write about going to China, possibly the only exciting thing that would have made for good reading. But I did do a little post on the Meshed Media blog, so you can read that instead if you're interested.

Have slowly been working through some photos though, so can write a bit with those...


Ricksaw ride


Chaoyang District, Beijing


1. This was at a restaurant by the side of the lake at Houhai. It just so happened that this was the only resturant with a table free by the water, and it had the most beautiful turquoise sequined tablecloth, with pink cushions. Lovely.
2. At the end of a long day, David and I were too lazy to walk all the way back to the subway from the Forbidden City, so we risked our lives and took a ricksaw through backstreets and rushhour traffic. (even though it's always rush hour in Beijing centre) It was great fun though.
3. This day I walked around Beijing city centre for hours and ended up going in a massive circle. It was in the mid-late thirties. Very very hot. But this was a cute park I passed through.
4. This is the market street inbetween the University and my hotel which I walked through every morning and night, in rain and shine. Lots of people stared at me, but after a while I gave a smile and a wave to the street food vendors, and picked up some sweet bread from the same man with his little bread stand, yummeee.
5. Another little street, this one was by a great shopping street - so good we had to go twice, I cant remember the name, but it's amongst lots of Hutongs.

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