Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Films of Colour

A few months ago Alex, Jaime and I decided it would be fun to spend a day making an animated music video, amid a shed load of work. So we did. We roped in Jaime's sister Shawnee, who was good enough to lay in their freezing cold living room all afternoon and wiggle around on demand, as Alex and Jaime crawled about with props and I balanced on a not so stable chair above with the camera.
For a days planning and creating using the contents of our 'making baskets', we were pretty impressed with our efforts. But then time went by and we had lots of boring work to do. But finally Alex has found time around working in her burger van to edit the photos together.
And this is the result.

Films of Colour - 'Actions' from Alex Carruthers on Vimeo.

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