Sunday, 18 April 2010

The Golden State

...John Doe Feat. Kathleen Edwards

Wow, long time no post! So here I am, back in Birmingham. After a week of early mornings, lots of meetings, venue hunting, BBQing, finally being able to leave the house without a coat and living alone, I again have housemates and today decided to take the big step into the apple supported 21st century. Yes yes, helloooo macbook pro. Exciting stuff, but while it is without Office it's also proving a great distraction from dissertation writing, as i'm just toooo eager to start using it.
Definitely lots to get used to, no right clicking, no double tapping and still no idea what half of these keys do. Next distraction, read manual.

And so what else is there for a first time mac owner to do before they have any software installed?

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