Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Close Call

...Rilo Kiley

Today has been another failed attempt to start drinking the recommended daily amount of water. My sister seems to have acquired a free NHS glass giving all the measurements on (included alcohol units. V useful... I definitely pour waaay more than a single) and so I've been using this, however only managed 6 of the 8 recommended glasses, and even then felt like I was drowning.
And yet again this new found regime is interrupted by a trip before it's even begun. This trip is leading me down to Cornwall for 6 nights with Hannah & Charlotte. Our coach tomorrow is at 6am from Blackpool, taking us down to Plymouth in 10 short hours. I imagine this journey to be like the NY coach....but without the quite night coach... and without the funky lighting... and without the excitement of knowing our destination is NY. Ahhh the great British public transport.
From Cornwall I'll then be heading back to Birmingham for a few nights, although since packing my rucksack I'm now realising all my favorite clothes are here, so have nooo clue what I'll be wearing for Steph's birthday bash. (Which reminds me to mention the AMAZING skirt whith literally caught my eye as it would a magpies in steals the other day. It is purple are sequined, and definitely intended for a person of much smaller size than myself...possibly even a child. This does not bother me, it is simply now a mini skirt. Yes a purple sequined mini skirt, which my mother of course pulled a face at, but I don't care. It's maaarvy... just need an occasion to wear it now.)

Anyhow. Since going out for a meal and pub quiz this eve and leaving packing til last minute, I have now left myself with 5hours sleep... if I fall asleep 10minutes ago.
Farewell for about 2 weeks bloggy. Expect shite pictures as I have no room nor desire to carry heavy cameras with me on these travels.

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