Wednesday, 5 January 2011

I Belive in Nothing

...Vivian Girls

As the last post suggests, I had intended to carry on with my homemade Christmassy crafts, with my tree decorations, snowflake and candy cane wrapping and cards, buuuut I kept forgetting and before I knew it, Christmas had been and gone, so to post now would seem rather wasted. Still, it means I have a nice dose of fresh material to crack out next year. Boom.

After a brief trip home for Christmas and catching up with old friends, I was back in B'ham in time for NYE celebrations. A change from the usual disappointment offered by new years in Blackpool, this year I opted to let the evening sort itself, and so I entered 2011 doing shots of tequila in a cosy tapas restaurant in Kings Heath before heading over to Selly Oak for party times.

At this point there is the inevitable question of new years resolutions, which I've never really made a habit of making, since I know that if we're really truly honest, I will break them. All my years in education I began the year with 'do work as soon as you get it', yet there I was with my final ever handin, left until last minute in the most spectacular fashion to date.

Now with a life free from deadlines and essays I'm making a few resolutions/ general things to make the most of being young.
  • Spend less. Seems obvious, but this definitely needs to happen in order for the others to even have a shot...
  • Learn to drive. Figured waiting for the right time might mean I'll be married with kids living in the suburbs before I can drive myself around.
  • Start a new course. Just because I'm no longer a full time student, doesn't mean I want to give up learning. In my quest to make up for ditching art, I have enrolled on a weekly textiles class. I start next week.
  • Sunbathe. I want a sun, sea, sand & pool holiday, it's been too long.
  • Travel to more UK cities. Bristol & Brighton are top of my list. Also must make use of student friends while they last. Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield & St. Andrews - I'm coming for you.
  • Travel someplace new and interesting. 2009 I did Toronto & NY, 2010 I manged Beijing. Where next??
  • Paris. There was talk of a group hosteling trip to Paris over summer. I would like this to happen.
  • Take more photos & learn to develop.


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